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A Comparative Synopsis of the Lives of Saint John Chrysostomos and Saint Gregory Palamas

Hieromonk Gregory

Number XXXVIII of Monographic Supplement Series

“Saint John and Saint Gregory belonged to that extraordinary era in which, for more than a millennium, the Christianized Roman Empire—known more commonly, albeit less accurately, as Byzantium—actualized the ideals of the Orthodox Faith, sometimes to a greater, sometimes to a lesser extent. Saint John flourished at the dawn of this era, in the late 300s and early 400s, while Saint Gregory prospered during its twilight, in the 1300s, the century before the Queen of Cities would be defiled by rapacious Turks. The Divine Chrysostomos is especially celebrated as a preacher and moralist, while the Divine Palamas is particularly remembered as a theologian and dogmatist (neither Saint, of course, exclusively confining his work to either morality or theology).”
—“A Comparative Synopsis of the Lives of Saint John Chrysostomos and Saint Gregory Palamas”


About the Author
A Comparative Synopsis of the Lives of Saint John Chrysostomos and Saint Gregory Palamas

Item Number: BKM121
Publication Data: Etna, CA: Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies, 1999
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: 21
Dimensions (l × w × h): 21.3 cm × 13.8 cm × 0.2 cm
Additional Information: black-and-white illustrations

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