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Saint Macarius the Spiritbearer: Coptic Texts Relating to Saint Macarius the Great

Translated, with an Introduction, by Tim Vivian

Number 28 of Popular Patristics Series

“As my work progressed on Four Desert Fathers, I saw that three other Coptic texts relating to Saint Macarius the Great also deserved to be translated into English and should form a separate volume: as supplements to the Coptic Palladiana, but also as important documents in their own right. These three texts are The Sayings of Saint Macarius, The Virtues of Saint Macarius[...], and The Life of Saint Macarius of Scetis. Translations of these three texts thus appear as this volume, Saint Macarius the Spiritbearer, which has its own Introduction.”


Saint Macarius the Spiritbearer
   1. The Sayings of Saint Macarius of Egypt
   2. The Virtues of Saint Macarius of Egypt
   3. The Life of Saint Macarius of Egypt
   Index of Scripture Cited
   Index of Names
   Index of Subjects

Item Number: BKV447
Publication data: Crestwood, NY: St Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2004
Format: softcover
Number of pages: 216
Dimensions (l × w × h): 18.4 cm × 12.7 cm × 1.5 cm
ISBN: 0‒88141‒257‒0

$18.95 (USD)


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