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Journey to Heaven: Counsels On the Particular Duties of Every Christian

By Our Father Among the Saints, Tikhon of Zadonsk, Bishop of Voronezh and Elets
Translated by Fr. George D. Lardas

“When I first encountered this book in Greek translation during my travels in Greece, I was impressed by its simplicity of expression and the clarity of its presentation of the basic principles of a godly, Christian life. I have found this book to repay each re-reading with refreshment of spirit and a strengthened resolve to lead a Christian life. As there is a scarcity of practical guides to the moral life in English, I conceived a desire to see this book in translation. When I was finally able to obtain a copy of the Russian original, I have, at last, been able to achieve this desire. This book is now offered to the Orthodox Christian reader in the English-speaking world in the hope that it may inspire, guide, and encourage others in the work of salvation.”
—“Translator's Introduction”


Table of contents
Russian section headings
Translator’s introduction
Introduction to the Greek edition
   1. Love for God
      76a On love for God
   2. The signs of love for God
      76b On love for God, continued
      12 Why should we love God?
   3. Remember the love of God
      14 On the remembrance of God in every endeavor
      13 On thankfulness to God
      5 On pleasing God
   4. Reverence toward God
      4 On the worship of God
      7–9 On the mention of the name of God
      10–11 On profanity
      0 On faith and the fear of God
      29 How to stand in church
      52 Pray as necessary
   5. The written law of God
      18–19 Love Sacred Scripture and think on it
      21 Do not pry idly into the Mysteries
      20 On the rash imitation of others
   6. The innate law of God
      67 On conscience
      3 On obedience to conscience
      6 Why do good works?
   1. The Gospel of salvation
      68 On the Gospel
   2. Holy Baptism
      54 On holy Baptism
   3. Renunciation and vows
      56 On the renunciation and vows we made at Baptism
      46 Remember the vows made at Baptism
   4. Sins after Baptism
      59 On the misfortune of a Christian who commits iniquity after Baptism
   5. The way back
      60 On repentance
      44–45 Do not despair in sins, but repent of them and hope in the mercy of God
      40 What does true repentance demand?
   6. The Deliverer
      61 On the incarnation of the Son of God
      43 In Whom do we seek salvation?
   7. “Ye are a chosen race”
      55 On our adoption by God
      69 On the honor and nobility of true Christians
   1. The struggle between flesh and spirit
      58 On the struggle between flesh and spirit that takes place within a Christian
      58 On our renewal at holy Baptism
   2. Self-examination
      53 On examination of self
   3. Inward search
      48–50 Greater care for the correction of the will and the inner self
   4. Sin
      70 On sin
      2 On avoiding sin
   5. The cause of sin
      71a On the struggle against sin
   6. The struggle against sin
      71b On the struggle against sin, continued
   7. Pride
      73 On pride
   8. Sins of the tongue
      36 On the conduct of a pure heart
      35 By no means offend anyone
      37 Do not pry into other people’s affairs
      38 Do not slander and do not judge
   9. Flee luxury
      27–28 Flee luxury
      1 On idleness and diligence
      33–34 On riches
      17 Seek a blessing from God on eating and drinking
      30–31 On going to a banquet
   10. Away with drunkenness
      32 By all means flee drunkenness
   11. Hate
      74 On malice
   12. Love
      75 On love
   13. With the help of God
      51 In every endeavor ask the help of God
      42 The grace of God is needful for life
      15 What to think on at the beginning of work
      16 From Whom to seek help at work
   14. Remembrance of the Divine Passion
      47 Think on the Sufferings of Christ
   15. Imitation of the life of Christ
      41 On the imitation of the life of Christ
   1. Duties of leaders and subordinates
      79 On the duty of leaders
      80 On the duty of subordinates
   2. Duties of pastors and of the flock
      81 On the duty of pastors
      82 On the duty of the flock toward the pastor
   3. Duties of spouses
      83 On the duty of husbands and wives in marriage
   4. Duties of parents and children
      84 On the duty of parents
      85 On the duty of children
   5. Duties of masters and servants
      86 On the duty of masters
      87 On the duty of servants
   6. Duties of the rich and the poor
      88 On the duty of the rich
      89 On the duty of the poor
   7. Duties of lenders and borrowers
      90 On the duty of those that give loans
      91 On the duty of those that take loans
   8. Duties of sellers and buyers
      92 On the duty of those that sell
      93 On the duty of those that buy
   9. Duties of employers and employees
      94 On the duty of those that hire and those that are hired for work
   10. The duty of forgiveness
      95a On those that offend and those that are offended
   11. The Golden Rule
      95b On those that offend and those that are offended, continued
   12. The supreme duty
      78 On the two fruits of love for neighbor
      77 On love for neighbor
   1. Looking toward Heaven
      22 What Christians are in this world
      23–24 Have a greater care for eternal life
      25 Godliness alone is needful in this life
      26 Remember death, judgement, hell, and eternal life
   2. Death
      62 On death
      39 On perpetual repentance and correction of life
   3. God’s warnings
      72 On God’s warnings
   4. The Dread Judgement
      63–64 On the Dread Judgement of Christ
   5. Eternity
      65 On eternity
   6. “One thing is needful”
      66 On the foremost task of Christians
      96 A short Christian moral teaching
   A. The Life of our Father among the Saints, Tikhon of Zadonsk
   B. The Life of St. Tikhon, another
Notes on the calendar
Scriptural index
Subject index

Item Number: BKIPG165
Publication Data: Jordanville, NY: Holy Trinity Monastery, 2004
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: xxvi + 280
Dimensions (l × w × h): 21.7 cm × 15.4 cm × 1.6 cm
Additional Information: black-and-white illustrations
ISBN: 0‒88465‒046‒4

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