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The Russian Golgotha: The Lives of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, Volume One

Compiled by Vladimir Moss

“The holy new martyrs of Russia present a[n...]apparent variety in the reasons for their martyrdom. This led some to wonder whether they are all really martyrs for Christ. In particular, some have cast doubt on the sanctity of at least some of the Russian new martyrs and confessors on the grounds that they suffered for ‘political’ reasons, for their pronouncements against the crimes of Soviet power or in favour of monarchism. [...W]e come to the conclusion that the confessing Christians of the Soviet Union suffered and died precisely for Christ and against the Antichrist. [...]The present collection represents a preliminary and very far from complete summary of what we know about the holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia since 1917.”
—“For What Did the Martyrs Die?”


   Introduction: For What Did the Martyrs Die?
   1. The Sovietization of the Moscow Patriarchate
A: The Royal Martyrs.
   2. Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II and his family
   3. Nun-Martyr Grand-Duchess Elizabeth, and those with her
B: The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.
   4. Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow, and All Russia
C: The Martyrs and Confessors of Northern and Western Russia, Belarus and the Baltic.
   5. Nikon, Archbishop of Vologda
   6. Barsanuphius, Bishop of Kirillov, and those with him
   7. Plato, Bishop of Revel (Tallinn), and those with him
   8. Benjamin, Metropolitan of Petrograd, and those with him
   9. Barnaba, Archbishop of Archangelsk
   10. Euthymius, Bishop of Olonets, and those with him
   11. Nicholas, Bishop of Velsk
   12. Joseph, Bishop of Valdai
   13. Hierotheus, Bishop of Velikij Ustiug, and those with him
   14. Barsanuphius, Bishop of Nikolsk
   15. John, Archbishop of Riga
   16. Arsenius, Metropolitan of Novgorod
   17. Hilarion, Bishop of Porech
   18. Sergius, Bishop of Narva, and those with him
   19. Basil, Bishop of Kargopol
   20. Joseph, Metropolitan of Petrograd, and those with him
   21. Gregory, Bishop of Schlisselburg
   22. Dimitry, Archbishop of Gdov, and those with him
   23. Gabriel, Archbishop of Polotsk and Vitebsk
   24. John, Bishop of Narva
   25. Bishop Claudius (Savinsky), and those with him
   26. Macarius, Schema-Bishop of Malovishery
   27. Tikhon, Bishop of Kirillov, and those with him
   28. Monastic Martyrs of Alexander Svir Monastery
   29. Philosoph (Ornatsky) of Petrograd, and those with him
   30. Martyrs of North-Western Russia
   31. Martyrs of Solovki
   32. Martyrs of Belarus
   33. Martyrs of Petrograd Region
   34. Theodore (Andreyev) of Petrograd
   35. Michael (Cheltsov) and Michael (Tikhomirov) of Petrograd
   36. Victorin (Dobronravov) of Petrograd
   37. Paul (Levashov) of Gomel
   38. Theodore (Rafanovich) of Khymy
   39. Ishmael and Michael (Rozhdestvensky) of Petrograd
   40. Nun-Martyr Maria of Gatchina, and those with her
   41. Eldress Agatha of Belarus
   42. Martyr Counts George (Mengden) and Paul (Grabbe)

Item Number: BKMP700C
Publication Data: Wildwood, AB: Monastery Press, 2006
Format: hardcover
Number of Pages: 535
Dimensions (l × w × h): 23.8 cm × 16.3 cm × 3.7 cm
Additional Information: black-and-white illustrations
ISBN: 0‒9686348‒4‒2

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