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Anchored in God: An Inside Account of Life, Art, and Thought on the Holy Mountain of Athos

by Constantine Cavarnos

“This book is a result of three journeys to the Holy Mountain of Athos: one in 1952, another in 1954, and a third in 1958. I have drawn mostly from the experiences and observations of my last two journeys, because I took very few notes during my first visit, whereas I kept a full account of what I saw, heard, felt, and thought during the second and third. The purpose of these journeys was to acquire a better knowledge and understanding of Eastern Orthodox monasticism by studying it directly in its purest form; and also to improve my knowledge and understanding of the traditional, liturgic arts of Orthodoxy by coming into direct contact with some of the finest examples of Byzantine architecture, painting, and music.”


From Salonica to Mount Athos
Monastery of Xeropotamou
Monastery of Koutloumousiou
Kelli of the Holy Apostles
Russian Skete of St. Andrew
Monastery of Iviron
Monastery of Vatopedi
Bulgarian Monastery of Zographou
Monastery of Constamonitou
Monastery of Docheiariou
Monastery of Xenophontos
Russian Monastery of Panteleïmonos
Monastery of Lavra
Kerasia and Katounakia
Monastery of St. Paul
Monastery of Dionysiou
Monastery of Grigoriou
Monastery of Simonopetra
Serbian Monastery of Hilandari
Monastery of Esphigmenou
Monastery of Pantocratoros
Monastery of Stavronikita
Monastery of Philotheou
Monastery of Karakallou
Avvakum and his Hermitage
Rumanian Skete of Prodromou
Skete of Kapsokalyvia
Hermits at Karoulia
The Two St. Annes
Hermits of New Skete
End of the Sojourn
Concluding Remarks

Item Number: BKC712
Publication Data: Belmont, MA: Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, 2002
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: 234
Dimensions (l × w × h): 21.5 cm × 14.0 cm × 1.5 cm
Additional Information: two-color printing, black-and-white illustrations
ISBN: 0‒914744‒31‒3

$13.95 (USD)


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By Constantine Cavarnos

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