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Catechism and Theology


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The Ancestral Sin

John S. Romanides
Translated with an Introduction by George S. Gabriel
Item Number: BKZ900


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☞ Ancient Christian Writers: The Works of the Fathers in Translation

The Ark of Salvation: A Young Adult’s Guide to the Orthodox Church

The Fathers of Saint Edward Brotherhood, with Anna Holden, Marina Popova, Sofia Popova, Alex Gheorghiu, Ana-Maria Gheorghiu, Lavinia-Paula Rogojina
Item Number: BKSE890


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Baptismal Instructions

St. John Chrysostom
Translated and Annotated by Paul W. Harkins
Item Number: BKPP297C


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Break the Holy Bread, Master: A Theology of Communion Bread

Sergei Sveshnikov
Item Number: BKSS835


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☞ Cistercian Studies Series

☞ The Classics of Western Spirituality: A Library of the Great Spiritual Masters

The Collected Works, Volume I: The Inner Kingdom

by Bishop Kallistos Ware
Item Number: BKV572


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The Complete Book of Orthodoxy: A Comprehensive Encyclopedia and Glossary of Orthodox Terms, History, Theology, and Facts

Compiled by George W. Grube
Item Number: BKV249


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☞ Contemporary Christian Thought Series

☞ Contemporary Greek Theologians


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Small round gold-plated notched reliquary

Small gold-plated reliquary.

ONLY $29.95

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Cultural and Educational Continuity of Greece From Antiquity to the Present: A discussion of a very enlightening lecture which was delivered at the Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies by the distinguished Argentine philosopher, philologist, and Hellenist Dr. Saúl A. Tovar.

By Constantine Cavarnos
With a Foreword by Professor Saúl A. Tovar

ONLY $7.95

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“#10” 1⅜″ Square Antique Gold Greek Cross Fleury Rayon Embroidered Appliqué with Iron-On Backing

ONLY $0.95

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On Ascetical Life

St Isaac of Nineveh
translated by Mary Hansbury

ONLY $14.95

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