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The Incarnate God: The Feasts of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary

This two-volume set includes:

Volume 1

Catherine Aslanoff, Editor of the French edition
Translated by Paul Meyendorff
Illustrations by Andrew Tregubov
Abbreviated glossary compiled by Paula Minet with the assistance of André Lossky

“Even before beginning to teach their children the catechism, the Orthodox integrate them into the liturgical life of the Church. This is an ancient tradition, to which the present work witnesses. [...]The succession of feasts allows us to live the life of Christ from his very birth, or rather, from the birth of his mother. The Church allows us to participate in the life of Jesus through Scripture, through icons, and through the liturgy. We shall draw on all three sources in order to enrich the child and to make the knowledge of God grow in him.”
—“1: Catechesis Through the Liturgical Life”


1 Catechesis Through the Liturgical Life
2 The Church: Place of Encounter with Jesus
   The Iconostasis
3 The Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God
   The Account of Mary’s Birth
   Joachim and Anna
4 Entrance into the Temple of the Most Holy Mother of God
   The Immaculate Host
   The Queen Stands at Your Right Hand
   The Temple
   The Ark of the Covenant
   The Expectation of the Messiah
   The Icon of the Feast
5 Annunciation
   Salutation of the Angel
   The Amazement of Mary
   Announcement of the Birth of Jesus
   Presence and Action of the Holy Spirit
   The Fiat
   The Visitation
   The Burning Bush
   The Temple
   The Virginity of the Mother of God
   Creative Wisdom
   The Celebration of the Feast
6 Angels and Their Role in the Feasts
   Angels in the Old Testament
   Angels in the New Testament
   Guardian angels
   The Role of Angels in Purification and in the Sacraments
   The Role of Angels in the Liturgy
   Angels at the Parousia
   Titles of the Angels
   Popular Piety and the Veneration of Angels
   Angels in Iconography
7 Expecting the Messiah: The Time of Advent
   Expectation of the Messiah
8 Christmas: The Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ
   Birth of Christ in Bethlehem
   The Genealogy of Jesus
   Emmanuel, Prince of Peace
   The Magi
   Glory to God in the Highest, and Peace on Earth to Men of Good Will
   From Christmas to Pascha
   The Icon and Tradition
9 Synaxis of the Mother of God
   The Offering
   Sunday after Christmas
   Saint Joseph
   The Holy Innocents
10 The Circumcision of Our Lord Jesus Christ
   Circumcision: A Covenant between God and His People
   Circumcision: A Sign of the Faith of Abraham
   The Name of Jesus
   The Council of Apostles
   Circumcision of the Heart
11 The Holy Encounter of Christ in the Temple
   The Holy Encounter
   The Law of Moses
   The Elder Simeon
   Nunc Dimittis
   The Vision of God
   The Prophecy of Simeon
   The Lamb of God
12 Theophany: The Baptism of Christ, the Feast of Lights
   Epiphany in the West
   Creation: the Work of the Trinity
   The Flood
   The Passage through the Red Sea
   The Baptism of John
   John the Baptist and Elijah
   The Baptism of Christ
   The Royal Priesthood
   Baptism, a Second Birth
   The Feast of Lights
   Abridged Glossary
   List of Illustrations

Volume 2

Catherine Aslanoff, Editor of the French edition
Translated by Paul Meyendorff
Illustrations by Andrew Tregubov
Abbreviated glossary compiled by Paula Minet

“The Orthodox Church has at all times taught her faithful through the celebration of feasts. It is with this same concern to teach the mystery of Christianity that we have undertaken this catechesis through the feasts. [...]In the present work, we have attempted to clarify, for the young and their catechists, those themes which are keys for our salvation: the incarnation, the cross, the resurrection, all indispensable for knowing Christ. The basic plan in the volumes on the feasts follows the liturgical calendar, which has been elaborated centuries ago by the Church. This allows us to discover and appreciate the wisdom of the fathers in the faith.”


1 From the Incarnation to the Resurrection
   The Kenosis of Christ
2 Transfiguration
   From Theophany to Transfiguration
   The Pedagogy of Christ
   From the Transfiguration to the Cross
   From the Transfiguration to the Resurrection
   Uncreated, Deifying Grace
   “Partakers of Divine Nature”
   Moses and Elijah
   Moses and Elijah on Mt. Tabor
   The Transfigured Christ, Announcement of the Second Coming
   Celebration of Transfiguration
3 Great Lent and the Veneration of the Holy Cross
   Great Lent
   Mid-Lent: the Holy Cross
   The Exaltation of the Cross
4 Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday
   Jesus, the Light of the World
   The Sleep of Lazarus
   The Resurrection at the Last Day
   Friend of Lazarus, Lover of Man
   The Four-Day Death
   The Manifestation of the Trinity at the Tomb of Lazarus
   The Triumphal Entry of Christ into Jerusalem
   Palm Sunday, Feast of the Church
5 The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ
   1. Holy Week
   2. Holy Monday
   3. Holy Tuesday
   4. Holy Wednesday
   5. Holy Thursday
   6. Holy Friday
   7. Holy Saturday
6 Pascha
   The Canon of Pascha
   The Paschal Homily of Saint John Chrysostom
7 The Paschal Season
   1. The Week of Pascha
   2. St Thomas Sunday
   3. Sunday of the Myrrhbearing Women
   4. Sunday of the Paralytic
   5. Sunday of the Samaritan Woman
   6. Sunday of the Blind Man
8 Ascension
   Resurrection and Ascension
   The Promise of the Holy Spirit
   Ascension and Transfiguration
   Ascension and the Incarnation
   The Angels at Ascension
   The Royal Priesthood of Christ
   Ascension and the Liturgy
9 Pentecost
   The Icon of Pentecost
   Babel and Pentecost
   Jewish Pentecost and Christian Pentecost
   The Promise of the Holy Spirit
   The Trinity
   The Acquisition of the Holy Spirit
   Pentecost and Chrismation
   The Hymns of Pentecost Vespers
   Biblical Readings at Pentecost Vespers
   Matins of Pentecost
   The Reading of the Gospel
   The Kneeling Service
   The Day of the Holy Spirit
   All-Saints Sunday
   Redemption and Deification
10 The Dormition of the Mother of God
   The Memory of the Church
   The Icon of the Dormition
   The Services of Dormition
   The Protection of the Mother of God
   Dormition and the Parousia
   The Sending Out of the Apostles on Mission
   Abridged Glossary
   List of Illustrations

Item Number: BKV581S
Publication Data: Crestwood, NY: St Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2002
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: 207 / 287
Dimensions (l × w × h): 23.6 cm × 17.9 cm × 1.5 cm / 23.6 cm × 17.9 cm × 2.1 cm
Additional Information: black-and-white illustrations
ISBN: 0‒88141‒130‒2

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