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Monographic Supplement Series

This forty-four-volume set includes:

Number III—Fasting and Science: A Study of the Scientific Support and Patristic Foundation for Fasting in the Orthodox Church
Number IV—The Significance of the New Martyrs in the Life of the Orthodox Church
Number V—Orthodox Tradition and Modernism
Number VI—Smoking and the Orthodox Christian
Number VII—Father Georges Florovsky on Ecumenism
Number VIII—The Panheresy of Ecumenism
Number IX—Fools for Christ: Saintly Paradigms of Ascetic Piety
Number X—A Study of the Ecclesiology of Resistance: The Writings of Metropolitans Cyprian of Oropos and Fili, Chrysostomos of Florina, and Cyril of Kazan
Number XI—Patriarch Gregory V the Ethnomartyr
Number XII—Pitirim Sorokin: Prophet of Spiritual Renewal; His Theory of History
Number XIII—Concerning the Relics of St. Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra
Number XIV—Biological Evolutionism
Number XV—Words on Obedience
Number XVI—The Road to Apostasy: Significant Essays on Ecumenism
Number XVII—The Non–Chalcedonian Heretics: A Contribution to the Dialogue Concerning the “Orthodoxy” of the Non–Chalcedonians
Number XVIII—The Old Calendarists and the Rise of Religious Conservatism in Greece
Number XIX—Spiritual Beauty
Number XX—Hunger for Holiness
Number XXI—A Brief History of the Russian Orthodox Church
Number XXII—Spiritual Life
Number XXIII—Christian Education: A Response to the Crisis in Public Schools
Number XXV—Christological Methods and Their Influence on Alexandrian and Antiochian Eucharistic Theology
Number XXVI—Young Children in the Orthodox Church: Some Basic Guidelines
Number XXVII—The Life and Conduct of Our Father Among the Saints, Saint John the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco
Number XXVIII—The Orthodox Christian and the Boundaries of Contemporary Medical Technology
Number XXIX—Saint Mark of Ephesus
Number XXX—Constantine the Ethnomartyr: Last Emperor of Byzantium
Number XXXI—Further Words on Obedience
Number XXXII—Protestant Fundamentalistic Thought: Its Incompatibility with the Orthodox Ethos and its Deviation from the Founding Principles of American Culture
Number XXXIII—Two Homilies on Great Friday and Pascha
Number XXXIV—Science and Orthodox Christianity: Two Orthodox Psychologists Offer Their Views
Number XXXV—Four Festal Icons: The Theological Meaning of the Icons of the Annunciation, the Nativity of Christ, Theophany, and the Transfiguration
Number XXXVII—The Shroud of Turin: An Eastern Orthodox Perspective
Number XXXVIII—A Comparative Synopsis of the Lives of Saint John Chrysostomos and Saint Gregory Palamas
Number XXXIX—The Counsels of a Contemporary Amma: What Matushka Seraphima Taught Us; Excerpts from Extemporaneous Talks Given by the Late Abbess Seraphima to the Sisterhood of the Convent of the Protection of the Theotokos
Number XL—Inner-Worldly Monasticism: Towards a Model of Rabbinic–Halakhic Spirituality
Number XLI—Romanian Nationalism During the Reign of King Mihai I
Number XLII—“Signs of Human Feeling and Attitude”: The American Legation and American Jews in Romania in 1941
Number XLIII—Ἀλήθεια Ἑλληνική: The Authority of the Greek Old Testament
Number XLIV—Father General Thyrsus González de Santalla, S.J.: Theologian, Philosopher, and Superior General of the Society of Jesus
Number XLV—Miss Emily’s Fire: The Orthodox Elements in Emily Dickinson’s Spirituality and Mysticism
Number XLVI—Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo: Spanish Basque Genius, Educator, Writer, and Philosopher
Number XLVII—A Greek Orthodox Nun in Buckingham Palace: Mother Superior Alice-Elizabeth, Princess of Battenberg and Mother-in-Law of Queen Elizabeth II
Number XLVIII—Saint Seraphim of Sofia and the Moscow Patriarchate

Item Number: BKM140S

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