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Introduction to St. Gregory Palamas

George C. Papademetriou

“The purpose of this work is to present the theology of St. Gregory Palamas, who was one of the best exponents of Christian theology in fourteenth-century Byzantium, an apologist of Christian Orthodoxy, and a creative thinker. The writer’s concern will be to present the theology of St. Gregory Palamas in a systematic way. One realizes the difficulties in doing this, since St. Gregory was an occasional writer and did not develop his own system. Nevertheless, his body of work is unified enough to enable us to treat it as a whole. In this book the writer intends to present Palamas’ thought, in its historical context, to the Western reader. That is, he will seek to express St. Gregory’s views, insofar as possible, in the language of the Western theological tradition in order to introduce and make relevant to the twenty-first century Christian the significant teachings of this ‘pillar of Christian Orthodoxy.’ The focus of study will be upon St. Gregory’s doctrine of God and his activity in the world, especially as it centers on the distinction between God as inaccessible in His ‘essence’ but accessible in His ‘energies.’ The implications of this distinction for the problem of human knowledge of God, the relation between faith and philosophy, revelation and reason will be drawn. Furthermore, we will show the bearings of St. Gregory’s position upon the correlative doctrines of the Person and work of Christ, the Creation and Fall of Man, Human Sin and Divine Grace.”


Patriarchal Blessing
Saint Gregory Palamas
Life and Works of Saint Gregory Palamas
The Place of Saint Gregory in Orthodox Theology
Contemporary Debate on Palamite Theology
Recent Western Attacks on Palamas
The Hesychastic Controversy
The Legacy of Hesychastic Spirituality
The Essence of God and the Energies of God
The Wisdom of God and the Reason of Man
Saint Gregory‘s Theology
Human and Divine Knowledge
Double Knowledge
Philosophy / Theology
The Apophatic Way
The Vision of God
The Divine Energies
The Nature of the Divine Light
The Communication of the Divine Light
Trinitarian Theology
The Holy Trinity
Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit as Mutual “Love”
Saint Gregory’s Christology
The Person and Work of Christ
Sin and Grace
Creation and Fall
Divine Grace
The Doctrine of Man

Item Number: BKHCB896
Publication Data: Brookline, MA: Holy Cross Orthodox Press, 2004
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: xiv + 175
Dimensions (l × w × h): 21.5 cm × 14.0 cm × 1.1 cm
ISBN: 1‒885652‒83‒6

$16.95 (USD)


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