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Orthodox Spirituality: A Practical Guide for the Faithful and a Definitive Manual for the Scholar

Dumitru Staniloae
Translated from the original Romanian by Archimandrite Jerome (Newville) and Otilia Kloos
Foreword by Alexander Golubov

“General and special Christian Moral Theology describes analytically the conditions of Christian moral life (the moral law, conscience and freedom) as well as doctrine. Sins and virtues are viewed as certain unrelated states. Orthodox Spirituality, on the other hand, presents the process of a Christian’s progress on the road to perfection in Christ, by the cleansing of the passions and the winning of the virtues, a process which takes place in a certain order. In other words, it describes the manner in which the Christian can go forward from the cleansing of one passion, to the cleansing of another, and at the same tome to the acquiring of different virtues. Thus a certain level of perfection is reached and culminates in love; this is a state that represents the cleansing of all the passions and the winning of all the virtues. As man climbs toward this peak, he simultaneously moves toward union with Christ and the knowledge of Him by experience, which also means deification.”


1. The Goal of Orthodox Spirituality
2. The Meaning and Possibility of Union with God
3. Orthodox Spirituality and Our Neighbor
4. The Holy Trinity—the Basis of Christian Spirituality
5. The Christological, Pneumatological, and Ecclesiastical Character of Orthodox Spirituality
6. The Major Steps of Spiritual Life
   A. About the Passions
7. The Essence of the Passions
8. The Natural and Unnatural Passions
9. The Basic Causes of the Passions and their Effects
10. The Passions and the Faculties of the Soul
11. How the Passions are Aroused, according to Traditional Orthodox Teaching
12. The Passionate State and Care
   B. Purification of the Passions by the Virtues
13. The Order of Purification and Patristic Spiritual Methods
14. Faith, the Basic State for Purification
15. The Fear of God and the Thought of Judgment
16. Repentance
17. Self-control
18. The Guarding of the Mind or of Thoughts
19. Longsuffering, the Patient Endurance of Troubles
20. Hope
21. Meekness and Humility
22. Dispassion or Freedom from Passion
23. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
24. The Contemplation of God in Creation
25. The Spiritual Understanding of Scripture
26. The Negative and Apophatic Knowledge of God in General
27. The Steps of Apophaticism
28. Negative and Positive Theology: a Dynamic Relationship
29. Pure Prayer
30. Methods for the Facilitation of Pure Prayer
31. To Jesus: by what is Deep Within us
32. Mental Rest: the First Step of Stillness
33. Love and Dispassion: the Steps of Love
34. Love as a Factor of Perfect Union and as Ecstasy
35. Love, Knowledge and the Divine Light:
   I. The Role of the Mind in the Vision of the Divine Light
36. Love, Knowledge and the Divine Light:
   II. The Vision of the Divine Light: a Knowledge beyond Knowledge
37. Deification: Deification in a Broad Sense
38. Deification: Deification in a Strict Sense

Item Number: BKST891
Publication Data: South Canaan, PA: St. Tikhon’s Seminary Press, 2003
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: vi + 397
Dimensions (l × w × h): 21.7 cm × 14.0 cm × 2.4 cm
ISBN: 1‒878997‒66‒1

$26.95 (USD)


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