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Marriage and Virginity according to St. John Chrysostom

Archpriest Josiah B. Trenham

“What theology was it that undergirded the practical counsels of Chrysostom? It is the aim of this book to answer that question with regard St. John’s teaching on marriage and virginity. We will see that a single grand and consistent conception of the Christian calling inspired Chrysostom throughout his ministry, and provided his rudder in delivering his priestly teaching and pastoral counsel to married and monastic alike. In propounding this calling, Chrysostom relied on the labors of the Fathers who had gone before him[...]. [...]If this book assists faithful Christians, who perhaps know Chrysostom from various of his teachings and sayings, to understand the larger theological worldview of the Saint, which unifies and gives context to his particular counsels, it will have been a worthy labor.”


Foreword by Bishop Basil of Wichita and Mid-America
Chapter 1: Early Church Teaching on Marriage and Virginity prior to St. John Chrysostom
Chapter 2: Terrestrial Angels: Man and Woman in Paradise
Chapter 3: From Childish Ambitions to Heavenly Acquisitions: Marriage and Virginity in the Old and New Covenants
Chapter 4: Spiritual Marriage, Monastic Family, and Domestic Church
Chapter 5: Barren Intercourse: Contraception in the Teaching of St. John Chrysostom
Chapter 6: Celestial Bodies and the Union of Souls: Life in the Eschaton
Afterword: St. John Chrysostom for the Ages
Scriptural Index
General Index

Item Number: BKP305
Publication Data: Platina, CA: St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, 2013
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: 298
Dimensions (l × w × h): 22.9 cm × 15.4 cm × 2.0 cm
Additional Information: black-and-white illustrations
ISBN: 978‒1‒887904‒30‒8

$20.95 (USD)


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