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The Dramatic Crisis in the Ecumenical Movement and the Awakening of Orthodox Anti-Ecumenism

by Archimandrite Cyprian Agiokyprianites
Translated by Archbishop Chrysostomos of Etna and Hieromonk Patapios

Number VI of Contributions to a Theology of Anti–Ecumenism

“[...I]t is necessary for us to go back to the Fathers and the Synods and provide a strong foundation for our anti-ecumenist endeavor, for the sake of our well-intentioned Orthodox brethren, who suppose that it is possible to exist in the realm of innovation and heresy and at the same time to be anti-ecumenists; namely, that it is possible to fight against the heresy of ecumenism while being in communion with this most grievous heresy. These brethren of ours need to be persuaded[...]that Orthodox resistance and walling-off not only do not involve schism and a departure from the Church, but constitute the only way of resistance known to the Tradition of our Most Holy Church, which struggles against every adulteration of the Truth. It is significant—and I would ask you please to pay particular attention to this point—that the Holy Fathers were not simply uncompromising when it came to heresy, by not accepting communion with heretics; but they also characterized as heretics even those who displayed laxity in the face of a newly-manifest heresy and thought it a matter of indifference to be in communion with its carriers.”
—“I. Orthodox Resistance and Walling-off: 1. Persistence and Hope”


A. The Dramatic Crisis in the Ecumenical Movement and the Awakening of Orthodox Anti-Ecumenism
   I. Orthodox Resistance and Walling-Off
      1. Persistence and Hope
      2. The Patristic Foundation
      3. Practical Expressions
      4. Exactitude of Faith and Salvation
      5. “Hope Maketh Not Ashamed”
   II. The Crisis in the Ecumenical Movement
      1. The Pan-Orthodox Awakening of Orthodox Anti-Ecumenism
      2. “An Ecumenical Winter”
      3. The Essence of the Crisis
      4. The Sacred Obligation of the Anti-Ecumenists
B. The Stand of the Orthodox Towards the Ecumenical Movement is Being Re-assessed in a Charged Atmosphere at the Pan-Orthodox Level
   I. The Thessaloniki Consultation
      1. “Seeking Sufficient Support”
      2. The Anti-Ecumenists in “Dialogue” with the Ecumenists
      3. Complete Suppression of the Unionist Vision
      4. “The Possibility of Fuller Orthodox Participation”
      5. Further Observations
      6. “Orthodoxy Has Never Been Betrayed”
      7. Truly Pleasant Surprises?
   II. The Damascus Consultation
      1. Under the Aegis of the WCC
      2. Increasing Dissatisfaction with the WCC
   III. The Orthodox Ecumenists are Divided
      1. An Intra-Orthodox Crisis
      2. Evidence of Disagreement
C. The Eighth General Assembly of the WCC in Harare, Zimbabwe
      1. A Unique Opportunity Lost
      2. “We Went Naked to Harare”
      3. The Orthodox Ecumenists Were Exposed Again and Again
      4. “Unworthy of Our Calling”
      5. Are the Orthodox “Threatened and Marginalized”?
      6. The “Special Commission”
      7. “The Battle was Fierce....”
      8. The Orthodox Ecumenists Should Leave the WCC
D. The Orthodox Church of Georgia Gives Still Greater Impetus to Anti-Ecumenism
E. A “Memorandum Concerning Ecumenism”
F. The Recent Meeting of the Hierarchy and Dogmatic Issues
G. The Orthodox Church and the Ecumenical Movement

Item Number: BKM363
Publication Data: Etna, CA: Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies, 2000
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: 161
Dimensions (l × w × h): 19.7 cm × 12.1 cm × 1.1 cm
Additional Information: black-and-white illustrations
ISBN: 0‒911165‒47‒9

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