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Six Books On the Priesthood

St John Chrysostom
Translated with an Introduction by Graham Neville

Number 1 of Popular Patristics Series

“Much[...]which the reader will find here à propos the episcopal order can be applied with little variation to the parish priest of to-day. [...T]he priest, and indeed the layman, will find much that is helpful and suggestive, as well as much that warns of dangers, in the discursive thought of so warm and human, so intelligent and spiritual an observer of the Church as John Chrysostom. The case for reading this work[...]rests fundamentally on the fact that, whatever the differences of age or nation, the ministry is always and everywhere the same ministry of Word and Sacraments, and has always and everywhere the same challenge and hope—to bring men and women to Christ, that he may do his own strange work in their lives.”


1 John’s Deceit
2 Basil’s Reproaches
3 John’s Reply
4 The Difficulty of Pastoral Care
5 Love—the Chief Thing
6 John continues his Apologia
7 The Glory of the Priesthood
8 The Difficulty of the Priesthood
9 The Character and Temptations of a Bishop
10 Particular Duties and Problems
      1 Promotions
      2 Widows and the Sick
      3 Virgins
      4 Arbitration—Visiting—Excommunication
11 The Penalty for Failure
12 The Ministry of the Word
13 Temptations of the Teacher
14 The Need for Purity
15 The Contrast between Bishop and Monk
16 The Conclusion of John’s Apologia

Item Number: BKV200
Publication Data: Crestwood, NY: St Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1977
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: 160
Dimensions (l × w × h): 18.4 cm × 12.7 cm × 1.2 cm
ISBN-10: 0‒913836‒38‒9
ISBN-13: 978‒0‒913836‒38‒5

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