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«Our Father Who Art in Heaven....»: The “Lord’s Prayer” Illustrated

Catherine S. Hioni
Illustrated by Amalia Lygnou-Vede

“Why do we call it the ‘Lord’s Prayer?’ Christians have given it this name, because it was our Lord Jesus Christ whose holy lips spoke this prayer for the first time. Lord’s Prayer, therefore, means ‘THE PRAYER OF THE LORD’! Jesus Christ gave this prayer as a model, because He wanted to teach his disciples and all the world how they should pray to God; in other words how they should talk to God through prayer and what they should ask Him for.”
—“‘Our Father who art in Heaven...’”


The dearest words: “Our Father”
The world’s most beloved prayer
Why it is called “The Lord’s Prayer”
When the Lord taught us “The Lord’s Prayer”
The Lord said: When you pray, say:
Brief analysis of the prayer
The prayer is simple words
Prayer to the Holy Trinity
The deeper meaning of the “Lord’s Prayer”
God is our Father
“...Hallowed be thy name...”
“....Thy kingdom come....”
“....Thy will be done.....”
“...Give us this day our daily bread....”
“....And forgive us our debts.....”
“.....And lead us not into temptation....”
We glorify the king of Heavens and our Father
The noblest act

Item Number: BKBT718C
Publication Data: Athens, Greece: “Sotir” Publications, 2006
Format: hardcover
Number of Pages: 78
Dimensions (l × w × h): 27.3 cm × 19.6 cm × 1.2 cm
Additional Information: full-color illustrations

$17.95 (USD)


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