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Saint Jerome—Commentary on Matthew

Translated by Thomas P. Scheck

Volume 117 of The Fathers of the Church: A New Translation

“Jerome dictated his Commentary on Matthew over the course of two weeks. ...In spite of the brevity of Jerome’s historical exposition, the commentary is an eminent work. As Simonetti has observed, the distinguishing feature of Jerome’s exegesis is his ability to balance the requirements of both literal and spiritual interpretation.... While it is to be regretted that Jerome did not write at greater length on Matthew’s Gospel, what he has set down is dense, Spirit-filled exegesis that draws on all canonical Scripture and is governed by the Church’s Trinitarian Rule of Faith.”


   Select Bibliography
   1. General Introduction
   2. Jerome’s Life and Works
   3. The Origenist Controversies
   4. Jerome’s Commentary on Matthew
   5. Sources of Jerome’s Exposition: Origen
   6. Jerome’s Exegetical Method
   7. Themes of Jerome’s Commentary on Matthew
   8. Influence and Printed Editions
   Book One (Matthew 1.1–10.42)
   Matthew 1
   Matthew 2
   Matthew 3
   Matthew 4
   Matthew 5
   Matthew 6
   Matthew 7
   Matthew 8
   Matthew 9
   Matthew 10
   Book Two (Matthew 11.2–16.12)
   Matthew 11
   Matthew 12
   Matthew 13
   Matthew 14
   Matthew 15
   Matthew 16
   Book Three (Matthew 16.13–22.40)
   Matthew 16, continued
   Matthew 17
   Matthew 18
   Matthew 19
   Matthew 20
   Matthew 21
   Matthew 22
   Book Four (Matthew 22.41–28.20)
   Matthew 22, continued
   Matthew 23
   Matthew 24
   Matthew 25
   Matthew 26
   Matthew 27
   Matthew 28
   General Index
   Index of Holy Scripture
   Index of Greek Words Cited

Item Number: BKCU813C
Publication Data: Washington, DC: The Catholic University of America Press, 2008
Format: hardcover
Number of Pages: xvi + 347
Dimensions (l × w × h): 21.7 cm × 14.1 cm × 2.6 cm
Additional Information: dust jacket
ISBN: 978‒0‒8132‒0117‒7

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