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Sample pack of premium Athonite incense

nine fragrances
Item Number: 7600-10-SAMP


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Sample pack of Fili incense

Half ounce each of seven fragrances
Item Number: 7600-CJ-SAMP


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☞ Fili Amber incense
☞ Fili Byzantine incense
☞ Fili Cassia incense
☞ Fili Cypress incense
☞ Fili Jasmine incense
☞ Fili Lemon incense
☞ Fili Rose incense
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"Venetian" 56" Wide Red with Multiple Colors Rayon Brocade (15" x 7" Pattern Repeat)

ONLY $134.15

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The Explanation of the Holy Gospel According to John

by Blessed Theophylact, Archbishop of Ochrid and Bulgaria
Translated from the original Greek by Fr. Christopher Stade

ONLY $27.95

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Blessed Euphemia of Serbia: The Life of an Apostolic Eldress

Translated by Joachim Wertz

ONLY $9.95

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Gold-plated and enamelled Holy Table lamp

ONLY $185.00

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