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Incense and Charcoal Containers

☞ Lacquered-Brass Black-Lined Bowls

SALE! 20% off the regular price!

Round container

2.5″ × 1.25″
Item Number: 5820-00


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Round container with base

2.5″ × 4″
Item Number: 5810-00


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☞ Incense boat with spoon

Incense boat with a hinged lid and a spoon.

Embroidered Cross Set #1—Gold on Red

ONLY $34.50

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"Eminence" 54" Wide Gold with Gold Rayon Brocade (7" x 7" Pattern Repeat)

ONLY $84.65

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New Library, Volume Three: Seventeen discussion-reviews of books that deal with ancient Greek culture, Greek Church Fathers, diverse Byzantine topics, medieval and modern Greek poetry, and the Orthodox Church.

By John P. Cavarnos

ONLY $7.95

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Satin Nickel-Plated Brass Follower with Pyrex Draft Deflector for Candles 1¹⁵/₁₆″–2¹/₁₆″ in Diameter

ONLY $128.95

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