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Gold-Plated and Jeweled Enkólpion (Panagía) and Chain with Lined Presentation Box

This beautiful gold-plated and jeweled enkólpion (panagía) has a hand-painted ceramic icon of the Theotokos with the Christ Child. It comes with a chain and a lined presentation box.

Item Number: PP140-44
Dimensions of Enkólpion (l × w × h): 5¾″ × 3″ × ½″ (14.6 cm × 7.6 cm × 1.3 cm)
Dimensions of Presentation Box (l × w × h): 8¼″ × 5¼″ × 1¼″ (21.0 cm × 13.3 cm × 3.2 cm)

$794.95 (USD)


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The Story of Holy Hierarch John Maximovitch, the New Wonderworker

told by Cătălin Grigore
illustrated by Adela Maria Calistru

ONLY $17.95

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D8 Metallic Embroidered Cross - 8" Gold

ONLY $113.19

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Cultural and Educational Continuity of Greece From Antiquity to the Present: A discussion of a very enlightening lecture which was delivered at the Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies by the distinguished Argentine philosopher, philologist, and Hellenist Dr. Saúl A. Tovar.

By Constantine Cavarnos
With a Foreword by Professor Saúl A. Tovar

ONLY $7.95

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The Great Book of Needs, Expanded and Supplemented, Volume II: The Sanctification of the Temple and other Ecclesiastical and Liturgical Blessings

Translated from Church Slavonic with notes by St. Tikhon’s Monastery

ONLY $37.95

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