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Wall Cross

A nice wall cross with printed corpus in a simple yet elegant traditional design. Available in two finishes, black or stained, and in three sizes.

Sizes: 16.5″ × 9.75″ (42 × 24.8cm), 21.5″ × 11.75″ (54.6 × 29.8cm) and 32″ × 20″ (81.25 × 51cm)
Made in Greece

$44.50 (USD) Stain 16.5″ × 9.75″ Byzantine Corpus


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Gold-plated vigil lamp with enamel medallions

Size #2

ONLY $139.00

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"#4201" 56" Wide Roman Purple Rayon Damask (3-1/8" x 5-7/8" Pattern Repeat)

ONLY $53.85

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Justinian The Great, the Emperor and Saint: Illustrious Byzantine Emperor, Legislator and Codifier of Law, profound Theologian, remarkable Author, and great Defender of the Orthodox Christian Faith, exemplary Philanthropist, Founder of Hagia Sophia at Constantinople, other magnificent churches and the Monastery of St. Catherine on Mount Sinai, Supporter and Organizer of Monasticism, and a Saint of the Orthodox Church.

By Asterios Gerostergios

ONLY $26.95

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1⅜-fluid ounce holy water bottle

ONLY $3.95

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