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New Library, Volume Five
A Tribute to the Erudition of Constantine Cavarnos:
Reviews of Forty-Two of His Books on Patristics,
Philosophy, Hellenism, Spiritual Life, Modern
Orthodox Saints, Ecumenism,
and the Ecclesiastical Arts

Available June 1, 2009. Durably paperbound.
183 pages (including indices & introductory materials)
$8.95 + shipping and handling

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The Evergetinos
A Complete Text

The Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies has issued the first complete text in the English language of The Evergetinos, a classical Orthodox collection of the sayings and aphorisms of the Desert Fathers (as well as other Hesychastic writings) in a four-book library set, corresponding to the original Greek publication. These four volumes are available in an attractive hardbound edition, in two-color printing (red and black), with Byzantine-style line drawings, and replete with the original Prologue of St. Nicodemos the Hagiorite, an historical introduction by Archbishop Chrysostomos of Etna, a Preface by Hieromonk Dr. Gorazd, Director of the Institute of Eastern Christianity at the Charles University in Prague, and footnotes and indices.

This monumental Patristic translation, twenty years in preparation, is the most important publication yet undertaken by the Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies. The Evergetinos, compiled by St. Makarios of Corinth and first published by St. Nicodemos in 1783, is a companion volume of The Philokalia—indeed a precursor, of sorts, to that work—, and together with it an essential and classical spiritual guide for Orthodox Christians seeking the inner life of spiritual transformation. The project, a collaborative effort, was initiated by Archbishop Chrysostomos while he was a Visiting Scholar at Oxford University in 1988 and continued to completion under his direction and editorship, and that of Hieromonk Patapios, with the collaboration of Bishop Ambrose of Methone, Bishop Auxentios of Photike, Monk Chrysostomos, Dr. Constantine Kokenes, Nun Lydia, Professor John V. Petropoulos, the late Professor John V. Rexine, and Reverend Gregory Telepneff.

Hardbound (faux leather, gold-embossed), Four Books

$240 complete set (not available in individual volumes),
plus shipping and handling.
All volumes dated 2008.

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A Guide to Orthodox Psychotherapy

The Science, Theology, and Spiritual Practice Behind It and Its Clinical Applications

ONLY $37.95

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Gold-Plated Wedding Crowns

with satin caps

ONLY $615.00

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Hand-Painted Byzantine Corpus

39 ½" (100 cm) tall

ON SALE FOR $499.95

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Large Polystone Celtic Garden Cross

Authentic stone appearance!

ONLY $99.95

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Patristic Theology

The University Lectures of Fr. John Romanides

ONLY $19.95

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Hand-Painted Church Banner

with Icon of the Mother of God

ON SALE FOR $449.95

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