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Customer Feedback

“Thank you very much for the prompt handling of my order. I received the vigil lamp in only 3 days after placing the order and I am very happy, especially because it is such a beautiful piece.”

A.S. (NJ)
“Thank you so much [for your prompt shipment]! ...I am very grateful to you.

Fr. A.B. (WA)
“Dear Father David,
“I received my order. You have no idea what a special day you’ve made for my Mother. This was a gift. In her 85 (soon to be 86) years of life, she’s never had anything as such....”

K.S. (OH)
“Thank you so much! I just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you a short story. I have been searching for a very special Eastern Orthodox Cross to give to my son for his birthday, which is the 19th of this month. I have been searching since before Christmas and just happened to stumbled onto your website and found just what I was looking for! I received it today via UPS and it is even more beautiful than it was on my computer screen. I am so THRILLED !!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure that this will be something that he will cherish for years to come.”

K. K. M.
“I just want to thank you for incredible cooperation in helping with my orders. I consider Eastern Christian Supply the best Orthodox Supply company around.”

S. M. T.
“You can find no Orthodox Church supply house with better items and prices. I have dealt with Eastern Christian Supply for years and have found them reliable and friendly. My parish and I wouldn’t buy from anyone else.”

Fr. R.O. (Canada)
“My order arrived today. I am very, very pleased!

P.H. (TX)
“Thank you for your courtesy.... I can see where I will be getting all my supplies henceforth!”

P.H. (TX)
“Dear Father, I appreciate your taking the time to call me about the lamp order. I am pretty certain that there will be more lamp purchases coming from our parish. Thank you again.

Y.T. (CA)
“Thank you for the quick shipping on the St. Andrew cross. It is beautiful and just what I wanted. Thanks again!”

J.C. (IL)
“I just came back to the web site to order more crosses for subdeacon vestments. I love the new web site. It is so easy to navigate and makes me want to shop! (It's working!) Without a doubt, your prices remain the best I can find anywhere and your service is impeccable.”

M.N. (MA)
“I saw your company referred to as the biggest and best place for Eastern Christian supplies in the country. I didn’t give that much attention. That’s the hype that passes around about everyone. But now that I’ve done business with you, I can say you have the largest and best collection of supplies of every kind. Your prices are good and your service is excellent. ...I’ve dealt with plenty of others, so I know.”

Y. P.

"#4200-N" 56" Wide Blue Rayon Damask (11-1/2" x 6-1/2" Pattern Repeat)

ONLY $59.37

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Satin Nickel-Plated Brass Follower with Pyrex Draft Deflector for Candles 1¹⁵/₃₂″–1½″ in Diameter

ONLY $77.95

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Gold-plated brass wedding Chalice with engraved Cross

ONLY $99.95

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Light and Life Cross with blue enamel

0.875 inches

ONLY $56.95

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