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Lives and Writings of Saints

Saint Abraham the Patriarch
Saint Ambrose of Milan
Saint Anastasia the Deliverer from Potions
Saint Anatalios I of Optina
Saint Andrew of Crete
Saint Andrew the Iconographer
Saint Anna the Grandmother of God
Saint Anthony of Optina
Saint Anthony of Voronezh
Saint Anthony the Great
Saint Arsenios of Cappadocia
Saint Arsenios of Paros
Saint Athanasios of Paros
Saint Athanasios the Great
Saint Augustine of Hippo
Saint Barbara the Great Martyr
Saint Barlaam of India
Saint Barsanouphios of Gaza
Saint Barsanouphios of Optina
Saint Basil of Poiana Mărului
Saint Basil the Great
Saint Bede the Venerable
Saint Callinicos of Cernica
Saint Catherine of Alexandria
Saint Chrysostomos the New
Saint Clement of Rome
Saint Constantine the Ethnomartyr
Saint Constantine the Great
Saint Cosmas of Aitolia
Saint Cyprian of Carthage
Saint Cyril of Alexandria
Saint Cyril of Jerusalem
Saint Cyril of Kazan
Saint Daniel the Stylite
Saint David of Murom
Saint Demetrios of Rostov
Saint Diadochos of Photike
Saint Dionysios the Aeropagite
Saint Domna of Tomsk
Saint Dorotheos of Gaza
Saint Dorothy of Cæsarea
Saint Elizabeth of Russia
Saint Ephraim the Syrian
Saint Epiphanios of Cyprus
Saint Euphrosyne of Murom
Saint Eustathios of Rome
Saint Ezekiel the Prohet
Saint George of Drama
Saint George the Trophy-Bearer
Saint Glykerios of Slătioara
Saint Gregory V of Constantinople
Saint Gregory of Nyssa
Saint Gregory Palamas
Saint Gregory the Dialogist
Saint Gregory the Sinaite
Saint Gregory the Theologian
Saint Helen the Augusta
Saint Herman of Alaska
Saint Herman of Constantinople
Saint Hermas of Philippoupolis
Saint Hesychios the Presbyter
Saint Hilarion of Verey
Saint Hippolytus of Rome
Saint Ignatios of Antioch
Saint Ignatios of Stavropol
Saint Innocent of Moscow
Saint Ioasaph of India
Saint Irene of Lesvos
Saint Irenæus of Lyons
Saint Isaac of Nineveh
Saint Isaiah the Prophet
Saint Isaiah the Anchorite
Saint Jerome of Aegina
Saint Jerome of Bethlehem
Saint Joachim the Grandfather of God
Saint John Cassian
Saint John Chrysostomos
Saint John Climacos
Saint John Moschos
Saint John of Damascus
Saint John of Karpathos
Saint John of Kronstadt
Saint John of San Francisco
Saint John of Tobolsk
Saint John the Chozevite
Saint John the Merciful
Saint John the Prophet
Saint John the Short
Saint John the Theologian
Saint Joseph of Volokolamsk
Saint Joseph the All-Comely
Saint Justin of Ćelije
Saint Justin the Philosopher
Saint Justinian the Great
Saint Lazarus of Serbia
Saint Leo of Optina
Saint Luke of Simferopol
Saint Luke the Evangelist
Saint Macarios of Corinth
Saint Macarios of Optina
Saint Macarios the Great
Saint Mark of Ephesus
Saint Mark the Ascetic
Saint Mark the Evangelist
Saint Mary of Egypt
Saint Matthew the Evangelist
Saint Maximos the Confessor
Saint Melito of Sardis
Saint Methodia of Kimolos
Saint Methodios of Patara
Saint Modestos of Jerusalem
Saint Moses of Optina
Saint Moses the Ethiopian
Saint Moses the God-Seer
Saint Myrtidiotissa of Klissoura
Saint Nectarios of Optina
Saint Nectarios of Pentapolis
Saint Neil of Sora
Saint Neil the Ascetic
Saint Nicephoros of Chios
Saint Nicholas Cabasilas
Saint Nicholas of Athens
Saint Nicholas of Lesvos
Saint Nicholas of Myra
Saint Nicholas of Žiča
Saint Nicholas the Tsar-Martyr
Saint Nicodemos the Hagiorite
Saint Paisios of Neamţ
Saint Paisios the Great
Saint Paisios the Hagiorite
Saint Papias of Hierapolis
Saint Patrick of Armagh
Saint Paulinus of Nola
Saint Pelagia of Diveyevo
Saint Peter of Damascus
Saint Peter of Kiev
Saint Peter the Apostle
Saint Philaret of Chernigov
Saint Philaret of Moscow
Saint Philaret of New York
Saint Philotheos of Sinai
Saint Photios the Great
Saint Polycarp of Smyrna
Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyvia
Saint Quodvultdeus of Carthage
Saint Rachel of Borodino
Saint Raphael of Lesvos
Saint Samuel the Prophet
Saint Savvas of Kalymnos
Saint Savvas of Serbia
Saint Sebastian of Karaganda
Saint Secundinus of Dunshaughlin
Saint Seraphim of Bogucharsk
Saint Seraphim of Sarov
Saint Seraphim of Tetritzkaro
Saint Seraphim of Vyritsa
Saint Sergios of Radonezh
Saint Silouan the Athonite
Saint Sophronios of Jerusalem
Saint Symeon of Emesa
Saint Symeon of Thessalonica
Saint Symeon the New Theologian
Saint Symeon the Translator
Saint Synkletike of Alexandria
Saint Thalassios the Libyan
Saint Theodore of Edessa
Saint Theodore of Sanaxar
Saint Theodore the Studite
Saint Theodore the Sykeote
Saint Theognostos of Alexandria
Saint Theophanes the Recluse
Saint Theophilos of Kiev
Saint Theophylactos of Ohrid
Saint Tikhon of Moscow
Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk
Saint Varus of Egypt
Saint Xenia of Rome
Saint Xenia of Saint Petersburg
Saint Zosimas of Alexandrov

Sterling Silver Communion Spoon

Seraphim-motif handle

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Sacred Space

by Augustin Ioan
Translated by Alina Ciric
With a Preface by Archbishop Chrysostomos

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Ecumenism Examined: A concise analytical discussion of the contemporary Ecumenical Movement. An introduction to it by reference to earlier discussions of it by the author, an attempt to define it and distinguish its varieties; and an extensive treatment of "Orthodox Ecumenism" and its fruits.

By Constantine Cavarnos

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Nickel-plated brass censer

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