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The Life of St Sava

Nicholai Velimirovich
Introduction by Veselin Kesich

“THE LIFE OF ST SAVA is an account of an unusual saint, written by an unusual bishop. The saint is Sava, founder and patron of the Serbian Orthodox church, and the author is Bishop Nicholai Velimirovich (1880-1956). The lives of both men are vital parts of the history of the Serbian Orthodox Church. [...]Bishop Nicholai had the rare gift of spiritual leadership. He was a good shepherd of his flock. Starting as a shepherd of his father’s sheep, he became the Shepherd of his people, both in war and peace, at home and in diaspora. He shared with his flock its triumphs and tragedies. And his flock remember Bishop Nicholai — the Shepherd, the Preacher and the Teacher, Churchman and Prophet, true successor to St Sava.”

1. The Father
2. Prince Rastko
3. A Foiled Wedding
4. The Fugitive
5. A Desperate Chase
6. The Dominion of the Holy Virgin
7. The Apprentice
8. The Builder
9. The Father Obedient to the Son
10. Hilandar
11. A Successful Mission
12. Death of Simeon
13. The House of Silence
14. A Saint Revealed by God
15. Brother Against Brother
16. The Peacemaker
17. By Deeds and Words
18. Another House of Silence
19. A Victory Without Sword
20. The Worker and the Wonderworker
21. Solitude
22. The Pathfinder in the Wilderness
23. A Narrative of Strange Events
24. Sava, the Archbishop
25. Spiritual Power United with Authority
26. The Living and the Dead in Action
27. The Archbishop in Žiča
28. The Sabor in Žiča
29. Stefan, the First-Crowned King
30. The End of Sabor in Žiča
31. The Storm All Around
32. The Last Days of King Stefan
33. The First Pilgrimage
34. In His Master’s Steps
35. Shepherd and Leader
36. The Preserver
37. Arsenije
38. The Second Pilgrimage
39. Among the Faithful and Infidel
40. On The Mount of the Ancient Law
41. A Hazardous Journey
42. The End of Pilgrimage and of Life
43. The Orthodox World in Mourning
44. From Trnovo To Mileševo
45. In the Flame of the Pyre

Item Number: BKV233
Publication Data: Crestwood, NY: St Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1989
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: XX + 161
Dimensions (l × w × h): 21.6 cm × 14.0 cm × 1.1 cm
ISBN: 978‒0‒88141‒065‒5

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