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On the Psalms, Volume II: Psalms 30–37

St. Augustine
Translated and Annotated by Dame Scholastica Hebgin and Dame Felicitas Corrigan, Benedictines of Stanbrook, England

Volume II of On the Psalms
No. 30 of Ancient Christian Writers: The Works of the Fathers in Translation

“1. [Verse 1] Unto the end, a Psalm for David himself in ecstasy. Unto the end, a Psalm for David himself, for the Mediator strong of hand amid persecution. Now the word ‘ecstasy’ added to the title denotes a mind beside itself as a result either of fright or of some revelation. But the Psalm we are studying shows us principally the fear felt by God’s people, alarmed at world-wide persecution and the general weakening of faith. First, then, it is the Mediator Himself who speaks; afterwards the people, redeemed by His blood, give thanks; finally, in great agitation the first speaker resumes, in a long passage which constitutes the ‘ecstasy.’ The actual person of the prophet is only twice introduced, towards the end and in the final verse.”
—“First Discourse on Psalm 30”


   First Discourse on Psalm 30
   Second Discourse on Psalm 30
   Third Discourse on Psalm 30
   Fourth Discourse on Psalm 30
   First Discourse on Psalm 31
   Second Discourse on Psalm 31
   First Discourse on Psalm 32
   Second Discourse on Psalm 32
   Third Discourse on Psalm 32
   First Discourse on Psalm 33
   Second Discourse on Psalm 33
   First Discourse on Psalm 34
   Second Discourse on Psalm 34
   Discourse on Psalm 35
   First Discourse on Psalm 36
   Second Discourse on Psalm 36
   Third Discourse on Psalm 36
   Discourse on Psalm 37
   1. Old and New Testament
   2. General Index

Item Number: BKPP228C
Publication Data: New York, NY/Mahwah, NJ: The Newman Press, 1961
Format: hardcover
Number of Pages: 420
Dimensions (l × w × h): 22.2 cm × 14.6 cm × 3.7 cm
ISBN: 0‒8091‒0105‒X

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