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Akathist to the Venerable Païsius Velichkovsky

Translated from the Church Slavonic by the reader Isaac E. Lambertsen, from the text accessed on 8/21/14 at the url: http://akafist.narod.ru/P/Paisiy.Vclichkovskiy.htm

No. 14 of St. Paisius Orthodox Monastery Series

“When we speak of St Paisius, we speak of a truly universal saint. Though he may be deeply loved and revered within the holy lands of Russia, he is a man of prayer whose life touches all. Even in earthly terms he was a universal witness: born in Poltava in what we think of today as the Ukraine, educated in Kiev (where he was tonsured and entered monastic life at the Lavra of the Caves), he travelled as a young monk in Moldavia and Walachia before departing, in his mid-twenties, for the Holy Mountain. And so the young monastic, having received the ryassa in Kiev under the protection of the Mother of God, to whose sacred Dormition the monastery there is dedicated, traveled to her garden and set his feet upon the sacred soil monks had trod for centuries. There, having already been introduced into the hesychastic life through a Monk Ignatius in Kiev and the examples he had seen in Romania, our father entered more deeply into the tradition of interior quietude that he would later be so instrumental in reviving in Romania, Russia and elsewhere.”


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Prayer to Our Venerable & God-bearing Father Païsius

Item Number: BKSP774
Publication Data: Safford, AZ: St. Paisius Orthodox Monastery, 2014
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: 40
Dimensions (l × w × h): 16.5 cm × 12.0 cm × 0.3 cm
Additional Information: two-color printing, full-color illustrations

$4.95 (USD)


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