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John Chrysostom and His Time, Volume One, Part One: Antioch: The Early Years

by Rev. Chrysostomus Baur, O. S. B.
Translated by Sr. M. Gonzaga, R. S. M.

Volume One, Part One of John Chrysostom and His Time

“Stars are first noticed when they begin to shine; and the stars of humanity first begin to shine long after they have been in existence without having been noticed at all. As is the case with most great men, the youth of John Chrysostom is shrouded in obscurity. To portray his inner growth, his spiritual development, is therefore the stimulating first chapter to which the historian and the reader must renounce all claim. Of his childhood home we know only this, that he lived in it with an older sister, whose name is not known to us. Possibly it is with a memory of his own childhood, that he later wrote in his treatise on ‘Virginity’ (48, 586): ‘As long as the young girl is at home with her mother, she is much concerned about her toys. She keeps them in a little chest, as in a treasure chamber, and keeps the key of it herself, and takes care of them all by herself; and for the guarding of all these little and worthless things, she takes as much trouble as adults do of greater things entrusted to them.’ That neither the biographer Palladius nor Chrysostom himself have given the names of his parents, leaves a still greater hiatus in the family history. Chrysostom never once mentioned his mother’s name, even when in his Treatise on the Priesthood (6, 7) he traced such a moving picture of maternal love.”
—“Chapter I: EARLY YOUTH”


Foreword to the Second Edition
Foreword to the First Edition
Translator’s Foreword
   A. Sources
   B. Literature/Bibliography
1 Early Youth
2 Schools and Pupils in the Fourth Century
3 Libanius, the City Rhetorician of Antioch
4 Chrysostom in the Schools of Antioch
5 Antioch, the City and People
6 Religious and Ecclesiastical Relations in Antioch
7 Emperor Julian and the Dying Paganism
8 Emperor Valens (364-379) and the Last Flare-up of Arianism
9 Catechumenate and Baptism
10 In the School of Diodorus
11 Chrysostom as a Monk
12 First Literary Activity
13 Theodosius the Great and the Victory of Catholicism
14 John the Hermit
15 Chrysostom Becomes a Deacon
16 The Council of Constantinople
17 Ecclesiastical and Literary Activities
18 Chrysostom is Ordained Priest (386)
19 Chrysostom as a Liturgist
Index of Persons, Places and Things at the End of Volume Two, Part Two

Item Number: BKBV842C
Publication Data: Vaduz, Liechtenstein: Büchervertriebsanstalt, 1988
Format: hardcover
Number of Pages: lxxvi + 205
Dimensions (l × w × h): 22.2 cm × 14.8 cm × 2.0 cm
ISBN: 3‒905238‒11‒X

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