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Orthodoxy and Psychology: A Collection of Reflections on Orthodox Theological and Pastoral Issues from a Psychological Perspective

by Archbishop Chrysostomos of Etna

“It seems to me that pastoral psychology, more effectively than anything else, addresses the deficits and instability of the modern science of human behavior. It adds to its concerns about the body and cognition the realm of the soul, emphasizing the important nexus between spiritual well-being and mental and physical health. In this respect, pastoral psychology is wholly in concord with the theology and anthropology of the Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Patristic tradition holds that the realization of full human potential lies in the harmonious interaction of all of the elements and components of the individual.”


Chapter I
   Psychology and Spiritual Guidance
Chapter II
   Sigmund Freud
Chapter III
   Demonology in the Orthodox Church: A Psychological Perspective
Chapter IV
   The Spiritual Psychology of the Desert Fathers
Chapter V
   Women in the Church: Some Current Issues in Perspective
Chapter VI
   The Fathers and the Apocalypse: A Psychological Overview
Chapter VII
   Jung and Orthodox Mysticism: Comments on Common Ground
Chapter VIII
Chapter IX
Chapter X
   The Forms and Limits of Love

Item Number: BKM633
Publication Data: Etna, CA: Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies, 2004
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: 134
Dimensions (l × w × h): 21.3 cm × 13.8 cm × 0.9 cm
Additional Information: two-color printing
ISBN: 0‒911165‒55‒X

$10.95 (USD)


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