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Orthodox psychotherapy (The science of the Fathers)

Metropolitan of Nafpaktos Hierotheos
translated by Esther Williams

“Much is being said today about psychological problems. I believe that the so-called psychological problems are mainly problems of thoughts, a darkened mind, and an impure heart. The impure heart as described by the Fathers, the dark and gloomy mind and impure thoughts are the source of all the so-called psychological problems. When a man is inwardly healed, when he has discovered the place of his heart, when he has purified the noetic part of his soul and freed his intelligence, he has no psychological problems. He lives in the blessed and undisturbed peace of Christ.”


Translator’s Note
Preface to the English edition
Author’s Prologue
1. Orthodoxy as a therapeutic science
1. What Christianity is
2. Theology as a Therapeutic Science
3. What Therapy is
4. Method of Therapy - Therapeutic Treatment
   How then is the soul cured?
2. The orthodox therapist
1. Prerequisites for the role of priest therapist
   The value of the priesthood
   The calling and ordaining of the Apostles
   Basic prerequisites for ordination
   The three degrees of priesthood
2. Rekindling the Spiritual Gift
   Basic qualities of priest-therapists
3. Spiritual Priesthood
4. The search for Therapists
3. Orthodox psychotherapy
1. The Soul (‘Psyche’)
   What the soul is
   Sickness and dying of the soul
   Therapy of the soul
2. Interrelations of soul, nous, heart and mind
   Nous and soul
   Nous and heart
   Nous and reason
   Nous and attention
3. Nous, heart and thoughts
   a) The nous
      The natural life of the nous
      Sickness of the nous
      Healing of the nous
   b) The Heart
      What the heart is
      Characterisations of the heart
      Sickness of the heart
      Curing of the heart
   c) Intelligence (logiki) and thoughts (logismoi)
   I. Intelligence
   II. Thoughts - Logismoi
      What logismoi are
      The cause of evil thoughts
      Consequences of evil thoughts
      Curing of evil thoughts
4. Orthodox Pathology
1. What the Passions are
2. Types of Passions and their Development
3. Cure of the Passions
4. Dispassion
5. Hesychia as a Method of Healing
1. Hesychia (Stillness)
2. Hesychasm
3. Anti-hesychasm
6. Orthodox Epistemology
1. The three kinds of knowledge according to St. Isaac the Syrian
2. Knowledge of God according to St. Gregory Palamas
Index of persons
Index of subjects

Item Number: BKN422
Publication Data: Levadia, Greece: Birth of the Theotokos Monastery, 2006
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: 380
Dimensions (l × w × h): 23.5 cm × 16.1 cm × 2.5 cm
ISBN: 960‒7070‒27‒5

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