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A Son of the Church

Translated by Hieromonk German Ciuba

“Although this treatise may have been composed nearly 400 years ago, its common sense approach to everyday life as an Orthodox Christian, and its call to a pious way of life makes it just as relevant to Orthodox Christians throughout the world today as it did to Russians of the Orthodox Faith in the 17th Century when it was apparently composed. We hope that the readers will find that it offers a guide to an Orthodox way of life and a call to piety in our everyday style of living.”
—“Editors’ Preface”


From the Editors
Translator’s Preface
Chapter I.
How Believers Are Born in Christ.
Chapter II.
No One Is Forced To Be Baptized Into the Orthodox Faith.
Chapter III.
The Time of Baptism.
Chapter IV.
Rejection of Satan.
Chapter V.
Rejection of Heretics and Their Heresies.
Chapter VI.
An Illustration of the Evil and Wicked Works of Satan.
Chapter VII.
Forget Your Former Heresies.
Chapter VIII.
Your Promise to Christ at Holy Baptism.
Chapter IX.
In Praise of Him Who Has Been Baptized.
Chapter X.
Closeness to God.
Chapter XI.
How To Acquire a Good Name and To Become an Heir of All Good Things.
Chapter XII.
Chapter XIII.
The Immortal Soul.
Chapter XIV.
The Orthodox Faith.
Chapter XV.
The Saints Who Were Pleasing to God.
Chapter XVI.
What the Saints Ate.
Chapter XVII.
What the Saints Wore.
Chapter XVIII.
How the Saints Prayed.
Chapter XIX.
How A Man Living In the World Should Pray.
Chapter XX.
Why the Church Services Were Appointed to Be Sung At Certain Times.
Chapter XXI.
The Midnight Service.
Chapter XXII.
The Hours.
Chapter XXIII.
The Liturgy.
Chapter XXIV.
The Church.
Chapter XXV.
More About the Church.
Chapter XXVI.
What If Something Unclean Enters the Church?
Chapter XXVII.
Other Faiths.
Chapter XXVIII.
About God Himself and His Church, and About Praying and Making Bows.
Chapter XXIX.
The Christian Faith.
Chapter XXX.
Ho to Come to Church.
Chapter XXXI.
More About Approaching the Church.
Chapter XXXII.
How to Enter the Church.
Chapter XXXIII.
Standing in Church.
Chapter XXXIV.
Chapter XXXV.
Bows to the People.
Chapter XXXVI.
Bows to the Superior.
Chapter XXXVII.
More on Entering the Church.
Chapter XXXVIII.
Standing in the Holy Church.
Chapter XXXIX.
Prayer to God.
Chapter XL.
Prayer to the Life-giving Cross of the Lord.
Chapter XLI.
Prayer to the Most Pure Mother of God.
Chapter XLII.
Prayer to Saint John the Forerunner.
Chapter XLIII.
Prayer to the Holy Prophets, Apostles, Martyrs, Hierarchs and All the Saints.
Chapter XLIV.
The Prayer of the Saints to God.
Chapter XLV.
How to Pray If There is No Icon.
Chapter XLVI.
More About Standing in Church.
Chapter XLVII.
The Order of the Bows.
Chapter XLVIII.
Chapter XLIX.
Asking Forgiveness Before the Priest in Church at the Dismissal.
Chapter L.
More About the Rite of Forgiveness.
Chapter LI.
Bows at the Liturgy.
Chapter LII.
Standing Before the Holy Icons.
Chapter LIII.
Miracles From the Holy Icons.
Chapter LIV.
Services of Intercession.
Chapter LV.
How to Listen to the Gospel.
Chapter LVI.
How to Venerate the Gospel.
Chapter LVII.
What to Do When ‘It Is Truly Meet’ Is Sung at a Service of Intercession.
Chapter LVIII.
Chapter LIX.
How to Venerate the Cross.
Chapter LX.
The Beginning and the end of the Church Services.
Chapter LXI.
The Priest and the Spiritual Father.
Chapter LXII.
The Priestly Order.
Chapter LXIII.
Forgiveness of Sins.
Chapter LXIV.
The Priest’s Blessing.
Chapter LXV.
The Cross Which You Make With Your Hand.
Chapter LXVI.
If the Sign of the Cross Is Made Incorrectly.
Chapter LXVII.
How the Demons Tremble Before the True Sign of the Cross.
Chapter LXVIII.
The Meaning of Bows.
Chapter LXIX.
An Explanation of the Cross Which We Wear About the Shoulders on a Cord.
Chapter LXX.
Offerings to the Holy Church.
Chapter LXXI.
They Should Be Your Own, and Not Dishonest.
Chapter LXXII.
Nothing Should Be Taken From the Church, Since Everything in the Church Is Dedicated to God.
Chapter LXXIII.
The Canon for Communion or Prayer.
Chapter LXXIV.
Ho To Consume the Prosphora Received From the Priest.
Chapter LXXV.
The Feasts of the Lord and of His Saints.
Chapter LXXVI.
Introduction to the Rule for Use At Home.
Chapter LXXVII.
Morning Prayer At Home.
Chapter LXXVIII.
Prayer Before Eating Your Dinner Bread.
Chapter LXXIX.
You Should Not Be Angry When You Sit At the Table to Eat.
Chapter LXXX.
Prayer After Diner.
Chapter LXXXI.
How To Drink.
Chapter LXXXII.
The Evening Meal.
Chapter LXXXIII.
Prayer Before Going to Sleep.
Chapter LXXXIV.
How to Lie Down on Your Bed.
Chapter LXXXV.
Sleeping, Waking Up and Praying.
Chapter LXXXVI.
Arising From Sleep.
Chapter LXXXVII.
When You Are Afraid or Frightened.
When Entering Any House.
Chapter LXXXIX.
How To Begin Any Work With a Blessing.
Chapter XC.
The Calling of a Servant.
Chapter XCI.
Here Is a Consideration of Where You Are.
Chapter XCII.
Here Is an Exhortation for the Mind.
Chapter XCIII.
Temptations from Your Companions.
Chapter XCIV.
Chapter XCV.
Fasting and Fast Days.
Chapter XCVI.
The Great Fast.
Chapter XCVII.
St Peter’s Fast.
Chapter XCVIII.
Our Lady’s Fast.
Chapter XCIX.
The Fast of the Nativity of Christ, Which Is Called St Philip’s Fast.
Chapter C.
A Wonderful Story About the Elevation of the Bread of the Most Holy Mother of God.
A Sermon of Saint John Chrysostom on the Fear of God, and on How to Stand in the Holy Church of God in Awe and Good Order, and How to Make the Sign of the Cross Over One’s Person. (From the Prologue for April 18th).
From the Book of the Elders

Item Number: BKOB647
Publication Data: Erie, PA: Russian Orthodox Church of the Nativity of Christ, 2001
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: xii + 53
Dimensions (l × w × h): 15.4 cm × 10.4 cm × 0.6 cm
Additional Information: two-color printing
ISBN: 0‒9617062‒2‒8

$7.95 (USD)


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