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Orthodox Dogmatic Theology: A Concise Exposition

Third Edition

By Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Translated and edited by Hieromonk Seraphim Rose and the St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood

“The present book—an exposition of Christian dogmas—has for its subject what the Holy Apostles teach us in their epistles, what the great Holy Fathers kept in its power and authenticity in their self-sacrificing ministry against various heretical attacks (Sts. Athanasius the Great, Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, John Chrysostom), what the Church has preserved, guarded, defended, and confesses unaltered in our days. There is no Orthodox theology that is in any particular way ‘Russian’ or that belongs to any other nation, as is sometimes supposed by superficial observers.”
—“Author’s Preface to the English Translation”


   Editor’s Preface to the Third Edition by Hieromonk Damascene
   About the Author—Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky: Theology in the Ancient Tradition by Hieromonk Seraphim Rose
   Translator’s Preface by Hieromonk Seraphim Rose
   Author’s Preface to the English Translation by Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
   1. The Sources of Christian Doctrine: The Concern of the Church for the Purity of Christian Teaching.—Dogmas.—The Sources of Dogmas.—Sacred Scripture.—Sacred Tradition.—The Catholic Consciousness of the Church.—Dogmas and Canons.—The Works of the Holy Fathers and Teachers of the Church as a Guide in Questions of Faith.—The Truths of Faith in the Divine Services.
   2. Expositions of Christian Teaching: The Symbolical Books.—Dogmatic Systems.
   3. Dogmatic Theology: Dogmatics and Faith.—Theology and Science; Theology and Philosophy.
Chapter 1: Our Knowledge of God
   The Dogma of Faith.—Belief or Faith as an Attribute of the Soul.—The Power of Faith.—The Source of Faith.
   The Nature of Our Knowledge of God.—The Essence of God.—The Attributes of God.—What Does the Sacred Scripture Testify concerning the Attributes of God?—The Unity of God.
Chapter 2: The Dogma of the Holy Trinity
   Indications of the Trinity of Persons in God in the Holy Scripture of the Old Testament.—The Divinely Revealed Teaching of the Holy Trinity in the New Testament.—The Confession of the Dogma of the Holy Trinity in the Ancient Church.
   The Personal Attributes of the Divine Persons.—The Name of the Second Person—The Word.—On the Procession of the Holy Spirit.
   The Oneness of Essence, the Equality of Divinity, and the Equality of Honor of the Persons of the Holy Trinity.—The Oneness of Essence, the Equality of Divinity, and the Equality of Honor of God the Son with God the Father.—The Oneness of Essence, the Equality of Divinity, and the Equality of Honor of the Holy Spirit with God the Father and God the Son.
   Transition to the Second Part of Dogmatic Theology
Chapter 3: God and the Creation
   The Manner of the World’s Creation.—The Motive for the Creation.—The Perfection of the Creation.
   The Creation, Nature, and Purpose in the Angelic World.—Angels in Sacred Scripture.—The Creation of Angels.—The Nature of Angels.—The Degree of Angelic Perfection.—The Number and Ranks of Angels.—The Ministry of the Angels.
   Man, the Crown of Creation.—The Soul as an Independent Substance Distinct from the Body.—The Origin of the Souls of Individual Men.—The Immortality of the Soul.—Soul and Spirit.—The Image of God in Man.—The Purpose of Man.
   From the Majesty of Creation to the Incomparable Majesty of the Creator
Chapter 4: The Providence of God
   God’s General Providence over the World.—God’s Providence over Man before the Fall.
Chapter 5: Concerning Evil and Sin
   1. Evil and Sin in the World.—2. The Fall in the Angelic World: The World of Dark and Evil Spirits.—3. Man’s Fall into Sin.—4. Original Sin.
Chapter 6: God and the Salvation of Mankind
   The Economy of Our Salvation
   The Preparation of the Human Race to Receive the Saviour
   The Incarnation of the Son of God.—The Lord Jesus Christ: True God.—The Human Nature of the Lord Jesus Christ.—The Church’s Battle with Errors concerning the Divinity and Humanity of Jesus Christ.—The Manner of the Union of the Two Natures in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ.—The Sinlessness of the Human Nature of Jesus Christ.—The Unity of the Hypostasis of Christ.—The One Worship of Christ.—A Word on the Latin Cult of the “Heart of Jesus.”
   Dogmas Concerning the Most Holy Mother of God: A. The Ever-Virginity of the Mother of God.—B. Most Holy Virgin Mary Is Theotokos.—The Proclamation by the Roman Church of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception and the Dogma of the Bodily Assumption of the Mother of God.—The Cult of the “Immaculate Heart” of the Most Holy Virgin in the Roman Church.
   The Dogma of Redemption.The Lamb of God Who Taketh Away the Sin of the World (John 1:29).—The General Economy of Salvation: A. The Condition of the World before the Coming of the Saviour.—B. The General Salvation of the World in Christ.—C. The Personal Rebirth and New Life in Christ.—The Word “Redemption” in the Usage of the Apostles.—A Note on the Roman Catholic Teaching.
   The Triple Ministry of the Lord: A. Christ the High Priest.— B. Christ the Evangelizer (The Prophetic Ministry of the Lord).— C. Christ, the Head and King of the World (The Royal Ministry of Christ).—How is One to Understand “The Deification of Humanity in Christ”?
   The Resurrection of Christ.—The Saving Fruits of the Resurrection of Christ: A. The Victory over Hell and Death.—B. The Blessedness of the Saints in Heaven, and the Beginning of the Existence of the Great Kingdom of Christ, the Heavenly Triumphant Church.—C. The Sending Down of the Holy Spirit and the Establishment of the Church of Christ on Earth.
Chapter 7: The Church of Christ
   The Concept of the Church of Christ on Earth.—The Beginning of the Church’s Existence, Its Growth, and Its Purpose.
   The Head of the Church.—The Close Bond between the Church of Christ on Earth and the Church of the Saints in Heaven.
   The Attributes of the Church.—The Unity of the Church.—The Sanctity of the Church.—The Catholicity of the Church.—The Apostolic Church.
   The Church Hierarchy.—Apostles.—Bishops.—Presbyters (priests).—Deacons.—The Three Degrees of the Hierarchy.—The Councils of the Church.—The Succession and the Uninterruptedness of the Episcopate in the Church.—The Position of Pastorship in the Church.
Chapter 8: The Holy Mysteries (Sacraments)
The Life of the Church in the Holy Spirit
   The New Life.
   Grace.—The Providence of God and Grace.
   The Mysteries (Sacraments).
   The Mystery (Sacrament) of Baptism.—The Establishment of the Mystery of Baptism.—The Meaning of the Mystery.—The Means of the Performance of the Mystery.—The Indispensability of Baptism.—Baptism: the Door to the Reception of Other Grace-giving Gifts.
   The Mystery (Sacrament) of Chrismation.—The Original Means of the Performance of this Mystery.—Chrism and Its Sanctification.
   The Mystery (Sacrament) of the Eucharist.—The Saviour’s Words before the Establishment of the Mystery.—The Establishment of the Mystery and Its Performance in Apostolic Times.—The Changing of the Bread and Wine in the Mystery of the Eucharist.—Some Observations on the Manner in Which the Lord Jesus Christ Remains in the Holy
Gifts.—The Relation of the Eucharist to the Sacrifice on Golgotha.—The Significance of the Eucharist as a Sacrifice.—Conclusions of a Liturgical Character.—The Necessity and Saving Nature of Communion of the Holy Mysteries.
   The Mystery (Sacrament) of Repentance.—The Institution of the Mystery.—Epitimia (Penance).—The Roman Catholic View.—Spiritual Guidance.
   The Mystery (Sacrament) of Priesthood.Cheirotonia in the Ancient Church.—“Election” and “Ordination” in the Ancient Church.—The Essence and Effectuating Words of the Mystery.—The Celibacy of Bishops.
   The Mystery (Sacrament) of Marriage.—The Purpose of the Christian Family.—The Significance of the Mystery.—The Central Moment of the Mystery.—Marriage as a Divine Institution.—The Indissolubility of Marriage.
   The Mystery (Sacrament) of Unction.—The Essence of the Mystery.—The Divine Institution of the Mystery.—Unction among Protestants and Roman Catholics.
Chapter 9: Prayer As the Expression of the Inward Life of the Church
   The Spiritual Bond of the Members of the Church in Prayer.—Prayer for the Dead.—Communion in Prayer with the Saints.
   The Outward Side of Prayer (Physical).—The Veneration of Icons.—The Veneration of Holy Relics.
   The Path of the Christian.—The Cross of Christ: the Path, the Power, and the Banner of the Church.
Chapter 10: Christian Eschatology
The Future Fate of the World and Mankind
   The Particular Judgment: The Fate of Man after Death until the General Judgment.
   The Signs of the Nearness of the Day of the Second Coming of the Lord and the Last Judgment.
   The Second Coming of the Son of Man.
   The Resurrection of the Dead.—The Error of Chiliasm.
   The End of the World.
   The Universal Judgment.
   The Kingdom of Glory.
Appendix I
On the New Currents in Russian Philosophico-Theological Thought, from the Point of View of the Dogmas of the Orthodox Christian Faith
   1. The Question of Dogmatic Development.—2. Philosophy and Theology.—3. Remarks on the Religio-Philosophical System of V. S. Soloviev.—4. The Teaching of the Wisdom of God in Holy Scripture.
Appendix II
The Ecumenical Councils and the Heresies That Have Attacked the Church’s Teaching
   The Ecumenical Councils.
   The Heresies Which Disturbed the Church in the First Millennium: The First to Third Centuries; The Fourth to Ninth Centuries.
Appendix III
Fathers and Teachers of the Church and Church Writers Mentioned in the Text of Orthodox Dogmatic Theology
   A. Before the Council of Nicaea.—B. The Fourth and Fifth Centuries:—1. In the East; 2. In the West.—C. Later Fathers and Teachers.
   Scriptural Index

Item Number: BKP321
Publication Data: Platina, CA: St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, 2005
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: 434
Dimensions (l × w × h): 22.9 cm × 15.4 cm × 2.9 cm
Additional Information: black-and-white illustrations
ISBN-10: 0‒938635‒69‒7
ISBN-13: 978‒0‒938635‒69‒7

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