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Akathist to Martyr Varus, And the Blessed Cleopatra & John, Holy Intercessor for Family Members Who Departed Outside the Orthodox Faith

This akathist was composed by the Reader Isaac Lambertsen and is used here with his gracious permission.

No. 10 of St. Paisius Orthodox Monastery Series

“If you are holding this booklet in your hands, most likely you are concerned for your departed relatives and those close to you who may not have known Christ, who were not children of His Church, who were not baptized. Your loving heart grieves, and you would like to ease the fate of those beyond the grave who are dear to you. It is proper for Christians to be concerned for the unfortunate and those in need of help, no matter where or when such people are to be found. The loving Christian heart turns to God in supplication for each and every one. The age-old religious experience of the Orthodox Church bears witness that our prayerful petitions to God will be more readily acceptable to Him by moving the Saints of God to intercede on our behalf. This is why, in relatively recent times, the tradition has arisen to call upon the holy Martyr Varus to intercede on behalf of our departed ones since, as we read in his Life, he interceded on behalf of the pagan ancestors of the woman Cleopatra.”


by Archbishop Justinian of Naro-Fominsk
A Brief Life of the Holy Martyr Varus
by St. Nikolai Velimirovich
Akathist Hymn to the Holy Martyr Varus
Whose Memory the Holy Church Doth Celebrate on the 19th of October
   Kontakion I
   Ikos I
   Kontakion II
   Ikos II
   Kontakion III
   Ikos III
   Kontakion IV
   Ikos IV
   Kontakion V
   Ikos V
   Kontakion VI
   Ikos VI
   Kontakion VII
   Ikos VII
   Kontakion VIII
   Ikos VIII
   Kontakion IX
   Ikos IX
   Kontakion X
   Ikos X
   Kontakion XI
   Ikos XI
   Kontakion XII
   Ikos XII
   Kontakion XIII
Prayer to the Holy Martyr Varus

Item Number: BKSP770
Publication Data: Safford, AZ: St. Paisius Orthodox Monastery, 2013
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: 36
Dimensions (l × w × h): 16.5 cm × 12.0 cm × 0.2 cm
Additional Information: two-color printing, full-color illustrations

$4.95 (USD)


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