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The Lausiac History

Translated and Annotated by Robert T. Meyer

No. 34 of Ancient Christian Writers: The Works of the Fathers in Translation

“In this book is recorded the wonderfully virtuous and ascetic life of the holy fathers, monks, and anchorites of the desert. It is written for the emulation and imitation of those who wish to succeed in the heavenly way of life and to take the journey which leads to the kingdom of heaven. It is written also to commemorate women far advanced in years and illustrious God-inspired mothers who have performed feats of virtuous asceticism in strong and perfect intention, as exemplars and models for those women who wish to wear the crown of self-abnegation and chastity.”


   Letter to Lausus
   1. Isidore
   2. Dorotheus
   3. Potamiaena
   4. Didymus
   5. Alexandra
   6. The Rich Virgin
   7. The Monks of Nitria
   8. Amoun of Nitria
   9. Or
   10. Pambo
   11. Ammonius
   12. Benjamin
   13. Apollonius
   14. Paesius and Isaias
   15. Macarius the Younger
   16. Nathaniel
   17. Macarius of Egypt
   18. Macarius of Alexandria
   19. Moses the Ethiopian
   20. Paul
   21. Eulogius and the Cripple
   22. Paul the Simple
   23. Pachon
   24. Stephen
   25. Valens
   26. Heron
   27. Ptolemy
   28. The Virgin Fallen from Grace
   29. Elias
   30. Dorotheus
   31. Piamoun
   32. Pachomius and the Tabennesiotes
   33. The Women’s Monastery
   34. The Nun Who Feigned Madness
   35. John of Lycopolis
   36. Posidonius
   37. Sarapion
   38. Evagrius
   39. Pior
   40. Ephraem
   41. Saintly Women
   42. Julian
   43. Adolius
   44. Innocent
   45. Philoromus
   46. Melania the Elder
   47. Chronius and Paphnutius
   48. Elpidius
   49. Sisinnius
   50. Gaddanes
   51. Elias
   52. Sabas
   53. Abramius
   54. More about Melania the Elder
   55. Silvania
   56. Olympias
   57. Candida and Gelasia
   58. The Monks of Antinoë
   59. Amma Talis and Taor
   60. The Virgin and Colluthus the Martyr
   61. Melania the Younger
   62. Pammachius
   63. Athanasius and the Young Maiden
   64. Juliana
   65. Hippolytus
   66. Verus the Ex-Count
   67. Magna
   68. The Compassionate Monk
   69. The Nun Who Fell and Repented
   70. The Lector Calumniated
   71. The Brother Who is with the Writer
   1. Old and New Testament
   2. Authors
   3. Greek Words
   4. General Index

Item Number: BKPP298C
Publication Data: New York, NY/Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 1964
Format: hardcover
Number of Pages: 265
Dimensions (l × w × h): 22.2 cm × 14.6 cm × 2.4 cm
ISBN: 0‒8091‒0083‒5

$34.95 (USD)


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