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On the Mystical Life: The Ethical Discourses, Volume Three: Life, Times, and Theology

St Symeon the New Theologian
written, translated, and edited by Alexander Golitzin

Volume 3 of On the Mystical Life: The Ethical Discourses
Number 16 of Popular Patristics Series

“For the modern reader Symeon is[...]truly the new theologian, ‘the first Eastern Christian mystic who articulated in such personal disclosures his intimate, mystical experiences for a reading public.’ Doubtless, for his disciples and successors in the Greek tradition, his newness lay rather in the fact that he was a theologian, like the Evangelist and Gregory Nazianzus, who had appeared in their own times as ‘a great spiritual renovator, a restorer of the lost tradition of mystical life,’ and a contemporary witness to the Gospel. Yet the modern reader, particularly one used to the spiritual and theological writings of the Greek fathers, must inevitably be struck by the overwhelming force with which he presents himself and dares to speak of his own experiences in the first person singular.”


   St Symeon’s Life and Times
   The Life of our holy Father, Symeon the New Theologian, Priest and abbot of the Monastery of St Mamas
   Charismatic vs. Institutional: On Confession and the Role of Experience
The Shape of St Symeon’s Thought
   The Ascetic Life: Renunciation, the Struggle for the Virtues, and Dispassion
The Vision of God:
St Symeon the Mystic
   The Glory
   A Personal and Sacramental Experience
The Theologian
   Of the Holy Trinity
   Of Participation in the Life of the Trinity
   Of the Word Made Flesh
   Of the Image of God in Man: Fall and Restoration
For Future Generations: St. Symeon the Contributor
Appendix: Letter on Confession
Index of Scriptural References

Item Number: BKV125
Publication data: Crestwood, NY: St Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1997
Format: softcover
Number of pages: 220
Dimensions (l × w × h): 18.4 cm × 12.7 cm × 1.6 cm
ISBN: 0‒88141‒144‒2
ISBN: 978‒0‒88141‒144‒7

$18.95 (USD)


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