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Saint Sergius and Russian Spirituality

by Pierre Kovalevsky
Translation by W. Elias Jones

“Saint Sergius drew largely on the treasury of Orthodox spirituality from previous centuries, yet he knew how to adapt this spirituality to the most noble and profound aspirations of his own people. He is not only the greatest saint of Russia, but also a spiritual master whose importance for our times is increasing. His ideal of the monastic life, communal and oriented toward the world, can show the way to many of our contemporaries.”
—“Saint Sergius and Russian Spirituality”


Russian Spirituality before Saint Sergius
   Saints Cyril and Methodius. Saint Vladimir and the Baptism of Russia. Principles Features of Russian Spirituality. The Monk. The Christian Prince. The Builder-Bishop. Detachment. The Liturgical Life. The Apostolic Tradition.
Life and Work of Saint Sergius
   Russia at the Time of Saint Sergius. The Sources. Family Background, Birth and Youth. Deaparture from Rostov—The Death of His Parents and the Desert. Life in the Forest—First Companions. Saint Sergius: Abbot of the Trinity Lavra. Dissatisfaction among the Monks—First Miracles. Troubles in the Lavra and the Departure of Saint Sergius. The Establishment of Monasteries. Saint Sergius and the State. Saint Sergius and the Hierarchy. Miracles and Visions. The Visit of the All-Holy Mother of God. The Death of Saint Sergius. The Disciples and Friends of Saint Sergius.
The Spiritual Heritage of Saint Sergius
   Two Centuries of Religious Life. Decline and Renewal. Saint Sergius and the Russian People. The Trinity Lavra: A Religious Center. The Trinity Lavra: A National Center. The Trinity Lavra: A Center of Renewal. The Trinity Lavra: A Theological Center. Saint Sergius and the West.
Chronologies. Notes. Sources. Bibliography. The Illustrations. Index.

Item Number: BKV570
Publication Data: Crestwood, NY: St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1976
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: 190
Dimensions (l × w × h): 21.6 cm × 14.0 cm × 1.9 cm
Additional Information: black-and-white illustrations
ISBN: 0‒913836‒24‒9

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