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Young Children and the Church

The Fathers of Saint Edward Brotherhood

“By its very nature, a knowledge of parenting cannot be acquired by reading a manual of instruction however comprehensive. Children are individuals, and what works well for one child might not do so for another. In recognising this, we have endeavoured to avoid a rigorous and inflexible approach. Throughout the text we have tried to identify problems and suggest solutions based on the teachings of the Church Fathers. Particular attention has been paid to the importance of engaging children with the spiritual life of the Church and instructing them in the Orthodox Faith. The early chapters deal with practical matters such as bad behaviour and how to correct and prevent it. The later chapters can be used as a guide to answering a child’s questions about the Church and her services, or as a source of information for teaching children about the Orthodox Faith[.]”


Chapter One The Orthodox Church and the Family
Chapter Two Causes of Bad Behaviour
Chapter Three Managing Children
Chapter Four Practical Issues at Home
Chapter Five Parents and Siblings
Chapter Six Behaviour in Church
Chapter Seven Theology
Chapter Eight Icons
Chapter Nine The Word in the Old & New Testaments
Chapter Ten Stories for Children
Chapter Eleven Important Visual Parts of the Liturgy
Appendix Recommended Bookstores and Websites

Item Number: BKSE636
Publication Data: Brookwood, United Kingdom: Saint Edward Brotherhood, 2014
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: 80
Dimensions (l × w × h): 21.0 cm × 14.9 cm × 0.4 cm
ISBN: 978‒0‒947935‒02‒3

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