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Church, Papacy, and Schism: A Theological Inquiry

Philip Sherrard

“In Church, Papacy, and Schism, Sherrard offers ‘a theological inquiry’ into the causes of the schism, looking first at the nature of the Church, then at the institution of the papacy, and finally at the theological consequences of the schism in christology and Trinitarian doctrine. His analysis of the Church in the first three chapters is a suc­cinct summary of patristic ecclesiology, outlining its incarnational and eucharistic nature, its conciliar structure, and the eucharistic foundation of the authority and func­tion of the episcopate, and forms the very heart of the theological argument of the book. The middle chapters discuss the rise of the papacy in the West and how the pa­pacy shaped and was itself shaped by a different ecclesi­ology, which came to rival what had previously been a common understanding of the universal Church in the whole of Christendom. In the final two chapters he considers the two major theological obstacles to the reunion of the Orthodox Church and Roman Catholicism—the doctrine of the procession of the Holy Spirit as expressed in the Filioque, and the theory and practice of the papa­cy—as symptoms and consequences of a schism in both the concept and consciousness of the Church, and as causes of the continuing schism.”


   Preface to the Third Edition
   Preface to the First Edition
1 The Church
2 The Episcopate
3 The Conciliar Structure
4 Two Rival Ecclesiologies
5 The Papacy
6 Perspectives and Formulas of Schism
7 The Christology of Schism
8 Trinitarian Doctrine and the Schism

Item Number: BKDH814
Publication Data: Limni, Greece: Denise Harvey (Publisher), 2009
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: xviii + 116
Dimensions (l × w × h): 19.9 cm × 13.6 cm × 0.9 cm
ISBN: 978‒960‒7120‒24‒3

$12.95 (USD)


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