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The First and Second Apologies

St. Justin Martyr
Translated with Introduction and Notes by Leslie William Barnard

No. 56 of Ancient Christian Writers: The Works of the Fathers in Translation

“Christianity was born within a Jewish cradle and it was natural that the earliest attempts at a theological formulation of its doctrines should have been expressed in Jewish terms. It was not long, however, before the Gospel had spread to the great cities of the Graeco-Roman world where it could not be assumed that converts to the new faith would be acquainted with the Jewish Scriptures or even with the monotheistic worship of Judaism. It is true that numbers of God-fearers, or religious enquirers, had attached themselves to the synagogues and that some of these had become attracted to Christianity through the medium of Hellenistic Judaism. Nevertheless, there was the wider pagan world—sometimes indifferent, sometimes avowedly hostile—that misrepresented Christian teaching and spread calumnies against Christians. [...]The appearance of the Christian Apologists is an indication that the Church took these calumnies seriously and had decided to do something about them. Christians had to be vindicated against false accusations; the emperor himself must hear of the cruel wrongs perpetrated in his name. The Christian way of life had to be shown as the highest ideal of ethical conduct the world had yet seen.”
—“INTRODUCTION: The Age of the Apologists”


The Age of the Apologists
The Life of Justin
The Two Apologies
   Analysis of the First Apology
   Analysis of the Second Apology
The Date of the Apologies
Justin’s Philosophical Background
   The Logos
Main Religious Ideas
Church and Sacraments
Justin’s Achievement
The First Apology
The Second Apology
Principal Editions of the Apologies
English Translations
The First Apology
The Second Apology
1 Apology 28.2, 2 Apology 7.1
The Two Advents
The Delay in the Parousia
The Resurrection and the Millennium
The Judgment and World Conflagration
Notes to the Appendix
1. Authors
2. General Index
3. Hebrew and Christian Scriptures

Item Number: BKPP515C
Publication Data: New York, NY/Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 1997
Format: hardcover
Number of Pages: viii + 245
Dimensions (l × w × h): 22.2 cm × 14.6 cm × 2.0 cm
ISBN: 0‒8091‒0472‒5

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