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John Chrysostom and His Time, Volume Two, Part Two: Constantinople: The Later Years

by Rev. Chrysostomus Baur, O. S. B.
Translated by Sr. M. Gonzaga, R. S. M.

Volume Two, Part Two of John Chrysostom and His Time

“With Chrysostom’s refusal to act as judge over Theophilus, the stroke of fate fell. Legally considered, the affair had now come to a dead end. Theophilus would have been able to return home, with his Egyptian Bishops. But he was not of a mind to do that. He had come there to depose Chrysostom, and he was in absolute earnest about it. Now the Emperor had only to promise, and the game was won. But it appears that Arcadius always agreed with the one who spoke to him last. So while the one party remained completely passive, the other set every means going to attain by force what was not to be had by law. Theophilus preserved in this, at least, the dignity of a statesman. Severian and Antiochus, on the contrary, allowed their agitation to appear so openly and rudely that even actors ridiculed them on the stage, to the joy of their very mixed audiences. The quarrel among the Bishops had already grown into a public scandal.”


22 The Synod of the Oak
23 First Banishment and Return
24 New Intrigues
25 Bloody Easter and Second Banishment (404)
26 Chrysostom Writes to Rome
27 Burning of the Cathedral in Constantinople: Investiture of Bishop Arsacius and the Persecution of the Johnites
28 Theophilus Reports to Rome
29 On the Road to Exile
30 Death of the Empress Eudoxia
31 Atticus Becomes Bishop
32 Chrysostom in Exile
33 Letters from Exile
34 Chrysostom and the Pagan Missions
35 The Frustrated Council
36 Final Annihilation of the Adherents of St. Chrysostom
37 Death of a Martyr
38 Chrysostom as a "Martyr"
39 "De Mortibus Persecutorum"
40 Chrysostom in the Diptychs
41 The Victor's Return
42 Chrysostom in Later Centuries
Sources and Bibliography

Item Number: BKBV845C
Publication Data: Vaduz, Liechtenstein: Büchervertriebsanstalt, 1988
Format: hardcover
Number of Pages: 252
Dimensions (l × w × h): 22.2 cm × 14.8 cm × 2.0 cm
ISBN: 3‒905238‒11‒X

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