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The Immoderate and Self-Absorbed Anti-Old Calendarist Zeal of the Innovative New Calendarists: A Brief Critique of Five Unfortunate Texts by Father G. Kalpouzos, Father B. Bakogiannis, D. Kokores, A. Korakides, and the Christian League of Kalamata

by Archimandrite Cyprian Agiokyprianites

“A pious clergyman belonging to the innovationist New Calendar Church, the well-known Father Georgios A. Kalpouzos, in his recent book dedicated to the Holy Mystery of Repentance and Confession, commits a very serious blunder. [...]In enumerating the ‘Transgressions of the First Commandment,’ he places the following confession in the mouth of the penitent: ‘I have been led astray by the teachings of schismatics and heretics: Roman Catholics, Uniates, Millenarians [Chiliasts—Trans.], Protestants, Evangelicals, Pentecostalists, Old Calendarists, et al.’ [...]In other words, Father Georgios regards both Western Christianity, which has fallen away from Orthodoxy in a number of different ways, and ‘Old Calendarism’ as supposedly equivalent sins, inevitably leading one out of communion with the living and true God! In the first place, we believe, the following question is worth asking: ‘Why on earth are Old Calendarists included among dangerous groups that purportedly lead people into schisms and heresies, while there is no mention of innovators and modernists, pro-unionists and Papophiles, ecumenists and syncretists, or advocates of inter-Christian and interfaith dialogue?’”
—“A. Equivalent Sins?”


A. Equivalent Sins?
   I. Ecumenism: “Something Far Worse than a Panheresy”
   II. Calendar Worship” and Ecumenism
   III. Ecumenists and the “New Age”
   IV. The Innovating Ecumenists Are “Estranged from God”
   V. Anti-Resistance and the “Fearful Crime of Silence”
B. The “Wine” Has Already “Turned to Water”
   I. Gratuitous “Calendar-Talk”
   II. The Essence of Orthodoxy Is Attacked
C. A Tedious Diatribe on the Calendar
   I. The Ecumenist Dimension
   II. “Metaxakes Led Me down the Garden Path!”
   III. Patristic Therapy
D. An Ontological Hallmark of Orthodoxy?
   I. The Connection Between Ecumenism and the Calendar Question
   II. The Reformer of 1924: A Pioneering Ecumenist!
   III. Why Not the “Traditional Calendar”?
   IV. The 1920 Encyclical and the Calendar Question
   V. A Reckless and Precipitate Rupture
   VI. “The Witness of the Minority”
   VII. A Total Depredation of Theology
   VIII. What Kind of Broader Intercommunion?
   IX. The “Broad Historical Perspective”
E. Anti-Old Calendarist Fanaticism
   I. Honest to Orthodoxy?
   II. The Anti-Old Calendarist Argot
   III. Do We Measure the Truth “by the Majority”?
   IV. ”Our Own Venerable Custom”
F. “A Conspiracy Against the Truth”
   I. Anti-Old Calendarist Self-Absorption?
   II. A “Touchstone” of Orthodoxy

Item Number: BKM661
Publication Data: Etna, CA: Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies, 2006
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: 47
Dimensions (l × w × h): 21.3 cm × 13.8 cm × 0.3 cm
Additional Information: two-color printing, black-and-white illustrations

$4.95 (USD)


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