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St. Cyril of Alexandria: The Christological Controversy; Its History, Theology, and Texts

by John A. McGuckin

“What had been the constant belief of the Eastern Churches—namely that St. Cyril represented a ‘seal’ over all the other Fathers (that is the sphragis, or authoritative stamp that capped them)—has come to be a perspective shared more widely in European theological scholarship, which had unquestionably been hostile to him, both doctrinally and historically, in most commonly available treatments throughout the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. [...]My work was designed from the outset as a student-friendly introduction to the fascinating events surrounding the Council of Ephesus (431), as well as a serious theological reassessment of Cyrilline theology. [...]It was meant to be usable and useful: mot a definitive ‘last word,’ but more an argument for what patristic theology looked like in full swing, as well as a major gathering of the primary texts to allow readers to research material and form their own opinions. Besides being an introduction to major events in christology and church history of the fifth century, it is (and was by design meant to be) an introduction to the contextual exegesis of patristic writings.”


   I. The Context of the Ephesus Crisis
      1. The early life and writings of Cyril, 378–428
      2. The Nestorian controversy:
         The prelude to an oecumenical crisis
      3. A year of intrigues:
         The Council of Ephesus, 431
      4. The long search for peace, 432–444
   II. The Christology of Nestorius
      1. Sources for the reconstruction of Nestorius’ teaching
      2. Nestorius’ theological presuppositions and method
      3. Prosopic theory:
         Associative difference in Christ
   III. The Christology of Cyril
      1. Redemptive Deification:
         Cyril’s presuppositions and major concerns
      2. Henosis Theory:
         Cyril’s Christological argument
      3. The Cyrilline Construct
   IV. The Oecumenical Reception of Cyril’s Theology
      1. From Dioscorus to Chalcedon
      2. Cyril and the Chalcedonian settlement
      3. Cyril in the Chalcedonian aftermath
   V. Translated Texts
      Cyril’s Letter to the Monks of Egypt
      The Second Letter of Cyril to Nestorius
      The Third Letter of Cyril to Nestorius
      Cyril’s Letter to Pope Celestine
      Homily given at Ephesus on St. John’s day.
         In the Church of St. John
      Explanation of the Twelve Chapters
      Scholia on the Incarnation of the Only Begotten
      Cyril’s Letter to Acacius of Beroea
      Cyril’s Letter to John of Antioch
      Cyril’s Letter to Eulogius
      First Letter of Cyril to Succensus
      Second Letter of Cyril to Succensus
         Nestorius’ Reply to Cyril’s Second Letter
         The Synodical Deposition of Nestorius
         Appendix 1. Athanasius’ Letter to Epictetus
         Appendix 2. Gregory Nazianzen’s Letter to Cledonius
Study Bibliographies
      Editions and Translations of St. Cyril
      Bibliography A. General Historical and Theological Studies
      Bibliography B. Cyrilline Studies
      Bibliography C. Studies on Antiochene Christology
      Bibliography D. Further Cyrilline Studies
Index of ancient names
Index of themes
Scriptural index

Item Number: BKV917
Publication Data: Crestwood, NY: St Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2004
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: xvi + 432
Dimensions (l × w × h): 22.8 cm × 15.4 cm × 3.3 cm
ISBN: 0‒88141‒259‒7

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