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May God Give You Wisdom!: The Letters of Fr. John Krestiankin

“The memory of Fr. John Krestiankin will long be lovingly preserved and revered not only by the Orthodox faithful in Russia, but by Russian secular history as well. Always deeply true to his calling as a pastor, he never sought such fame, but rather was sought out by thousands of souls seeking the love of God and the sober truth about Christian life and salvation. The vast majority of those who remember him perhaps received only a few words and his blessing, but for many this blessing was enough to initiate a grace-filled change in their lives. The assurance of God’s Providence for them often came to them only years after their fortunate contact with this extraordinary man.”
—“Introduction: Archimandrite John Krestiankin: A Brief Biography”


1. On the Work of a Pastor
2. Letters to Laypeople
   Letters to a Zealous Young Man
   Letters to a Loving Grandmother of Generous Disposition
   Letters to an Intellectual Pensioner
   Letters to Mothers about Prayers for their Children
   Prayer for Those who have Died Without Repentance
   Letters about Prayer for Suicides
   Parental Blessing
3. Letters to Clergymen, to Those Desiring the Priestly Rank, and to Priest’s Wives
4. Letters to Monks and Nuns
5. Letters about the Seal of Antichrist, and the Last Days
Recollections of a Spiritual Son

Item Number: BKX746
Publication Data: Wildwood, CA: Sretensky Stavropegic Monastery/Saint Xenia Skete, 2007
Format: softcover
Number of Pages: 519
Dimensions (l × w × h): 21.0 cm × 13.4 cm × 2.7 cm
Additional Information: full-color and black-and-white illustrations
ISBN: 1‒887904‒39‒5

$26.95 (USD)


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