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A Small Book of Needs

Compiled by the Brotherhood of Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk
Second Edition revised and edited by Hierodeacon Herman and Vitaly Permiakov

“A book of needs (euchologion, trebnik) contains those prayers and services which a priest or bishop requires as need arises—that is, as opposed to holy Church’s regular daily, weekly, and annual cycles of unceasing praise and supplication. This volume comprises a small selection of the contents of a complete book of needs, focusing on those services, prayers, and blessings likely to be offered away from the church itself or in emergencies. For the priest’s convenience, however, we have also included some blessings and prayers customarily served in church.”


PART ONE: Childbirth
   Prayer for a Woman in Hard Labor
   Prayers for a Woman on the First Day after Childbirth
   Prayer at the Naming of a Child on the Eighth Day of Birth
   Prayer for a Woman After She has Miscarried
   A Brief Order for Baptizing an Infant when Death is Imminent
PART TWO: Prayers for the Sick
   An Office of Supplication for the Sick
   Additional Prayers for the Sick
      Another Prayer for the Sick
      For Fever
      For a Sick Child
      When Sickness Increases
      Before an Operation
      For one Injured in Body
   The Prayer of the Holy Seven Youths for One who is Ill and Cannot Sleep
   Thanksgiving for Recovery
   Thanksgiving for Recovery after Surgery
   Order for Communion of the Sick
   A Brief Form of the Office of Holy Unction
PART THREE: Confession and Repentance
   The Order of Confession
   Various Prayers for Penitents
      Prayer for Those Under Penance
      Prayer for Absolution from Penance
      Prayer for Someone Assailed by the Warfare of Lust
      Another Similar Prayer
      A Prayer for a Priest or Layman who has been Polluted in his Sleep through the Influence of the Evil One
      A Prayer for One who has Cursed Boldly
      A Prayer for One who has Shameful Thoughts
PART FOUR: Prayers at the Time of Death
   Canon of Supplication at the Parting of the Soul from the Body of Any Orthodox
   Others Prayers at the Time of Death
      Prayer for a Soul Being Judged
      Another Prayer for One who has Suffered Long and is at the Point of Death
      The Prayer of Absolution at Death
   The General Litya or Trisagion Prayers for the Departed
   The Office for the Burial of an Infant
   The Office of Burial for One who Dies on Pascha or during Bright Week
   Regarding the Burial of a Non-Orthodox Person
   The Order for the Blessing and Sanctification of an Orthodox Christian Cemetery
   The Office of the Blessing and Sanctification of the Cross over a Grave
   The Order for the Blessing of a Grave in an Unconsecrated Cemetery
PART FIVE: The Church Year
   Prayer at the Nativity of Christ for Spiritual Children
   The Office for Blessing Homes at Theophany
   The Order for the Blessing of Candles on the Feast of the Meeting of the Lord
   Prayers at the Beginning of the Holy Forty-Day Fast
   Prayer for the Blessing of Palms on Palm Sunday
   The Blessing of Flesh meat on the Holy and Great Sunday of Pascha
   Prayer at the Blessing of Cheese and Eggs
   Prayer at the Blessing of the Artos on the Holy Sunday of Pascha
   Prayer at the Fracturing of the Artos on the Saturday of Bright Week
   Prayer at the Partaking of Grapes on the Sixth Day of August
   Prayer for those who Offer First-Fruits
   Prayer for the Sanctification of any Fragrant Herbage
   The Order for Blessing Kolyva in Honor of the Saint of the Day
PART SIX: Various Blessings
   The Office of the Lesser Sanctification of Waters
   Prayer for the Sanctification of Any Object
   An Order for Blessing Icons
   The Order for the Blessing of a Cross to be Borne on the Breast
   The Order for the Sanctification of a Vehicle
   The Order for the Sanctification of Aircraft
   Prayer at the Construction of a Boat
   Prayer Over Salt
PART SEVEN: Prayers in the Home
   Prayer for Laying the Foundation of a New House
   A Prayer when One is about to Move Into a New Home
   The Office of the Blessing of a New Home
   The Order for Blessing and Cutting of Kolach (The ‘Slava’)
   A Prayer for a Home Troubled by Evil Spirits
   Prayer at the Digging of a Well and for the Finding of Water
   Prayer Over a New Well
PART EIGHT: Agriculture and Livestock
   Prayer at the Sowing of Seed
   Prayer at a Threshing Floor or Barn
   Prayer to Bless a Herd or Flock
   The Order of Supplication in Time of Ruinous Pestilence of Livestock
   The Order of the Blessing of Bees
   The Blessing of Beehives in a New Apiary
   Prayer to Bless New Honey
   Prayer at the Planting of a Vineyard
   Prayer at the Harvesting of a Vineyard
   Prayer at the Blessing of Wine
   Prayer to Bless Fishnets
PART NINE: Man and Nature
   Prayer for One Desiring to Depart on a Journey
   Prayer for Those in Captivity
   Prayer for the Pacification of Animosity
   A Prayer of Interdiction of St. Basil the Great over One Suffering from Demons
   Prayer in Time of Drought
   Prayer in Time of Bad Weather
   Prayer When in Fear of Earthquake
   Prayer in Times of Hostility or War
   Blessings: A Note on Form

Item Number: BKST705C
Publication Data: South Canaan, PA: Saint Tikhon’s Monastery Press, 2012
Format: hardcover
Number of Pages: x + 241
Dimensions (l × w × h): 18.6 cm × 12.1 cm × 2.1 cm
Additional Information: two bookmark ribbons
ISBN: 978‒1‒878997‒93‒7

$31.95 (USD)


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